I've posted a few times but whatever, but I always get dogged.
Im looking for my 2nd amp after playing 2 years through my MIM HSS strat and Epi LP100. Also using a zoom G2 and Boss DS-1

Right now I have a MG30DFX, I want a significant tone difference. The amp could possibly be loud enough for other musicians. But primarily for home use, where I would occasionally crank. The half stack im looking for is a Laney GH50L plus 2x12 cab, however I don't think that i'll be able to go past 2 in most cases without drawing major attention to myself. Also with that money I could buy a Blackheart little giant or Line 6 Flextone.

Now five things:
*Are they a significant upgrade?
*How long would they last me without going insane? Keep in mind i've hated my MG tone for a long long time
*Because the BH is a low wattage tube amp, what level of volume of my MG would it compare to?
*Would any of the two amps I like would go fizzy/fuzzy when crank
*Are the flextones very digital sounding especially compared to its ugly brother?

I'd like to know about experiences, and youtube videos can only help to an extent, but I think im looking for a more natural tone.
Thank you.
* Yes.
* Depends upon the state of your mental health.
* It will seem louder, even if the decibels don't say so.
* Yes, but it sounds like you can't crank them anyway. Your MG would be far worse cranked.
* Dunno.
get the laney and trade the DS-1 for an OD pedal if it needs it.
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^ditto only to add that i bet you will be happy with new purchase for a long time, i don't think they will get fizzy in a bad way when cranked, and that i hear the Flextones are very nice and smooth but i've never played one...

good luck
well if you put the laney to 10 without an attenuator the speakers might get a little flubbery depending on their wattage.
2009 Engl Powerball 100watt
1985 Marshall 1960a 4x12 with G12-65s
1989 Ibanez 540S LTD DY
2006 Epiphone G-400
I think I may go for the BH, simply because I don't need a crazy amount of power. Besides its around 400AUS cheaper than the Flextone, which is alot cheaper than the laney. Atleast I can buy some extra pedals and/or change the humbucker in my strat.

Would it be a bad idea to make a full BH stack?