My band has recorded a demo of one of our new songs, it's called mutual destruction.

Check it out at myspace.com/steelmartyrs
Well, to be absolutely brutally honest: soundwise it's reminiscent of Kill 'em All era Metallica, tunes show capability and relative skill in technique, but lack apparent structure or evidence of tunewriting skills. Especially on the part of the lead guitarist who appears to be very capable at what he does, but doesn't appear to be playing a song, just soloing over a backing, and offering little interesting technique.
Otherwise just sit down and think about structure and try to get lead parts that lend to the tune.
I think eventually you could come up with something quite good and be sure to let us all know when it's done.
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well thanks for listening, and your opinion, but i've gotta admit i'm surprised at the parts you decided to pick at. I guess it's just a conflict in tastes. I mean, i know my lyric writing is kind of simple at this point, but im pretty confident in everything else.

But like i said, thanks for some constructive criticism!
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