Well, my new amp arrived. The Ibanez Thermion TN120 120W Halfstack. Bought it with the matching angled V30 cab. Totally love it, really matches with my ESP LTD explorer. It was the amp i was asking questions about in what probably was the longest openings post on UG ever .

Lovely creamy cleans that can go very crisp when the bright-brighter option is enabled (also very depending on what pickup i play).

The Hot-channel is very versatile as well, with a dampening function that can make the solo's really sing. I currently use the effects loop it has as a volume boost for solo's.

Love the dynamics on this thing.

Without further ado: Pictures! (I use the 4th one as desktop background ^^)

Sound clips will follow.

I'll be receiving my new Hughes and Kettner Switchblade half-stack soon as well. 2008 is amp heaven for me . I'll keep you guys posted.