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Name: Plectrum strings - Light

Made by: Thomastik-Infeld

Cost: $20 Australian dollars

Features: Sounds pretty! Haha, I'll just copy the stuff from the website... The plain strings are made of brass coated steel, the wound strings have a silk inlay in combination with a highly flexible steel core.

They sound quite fantastic on my Fender acoustic, nice even tone, and are quite easy on the fingers.

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Righty Oh! time for another review of a random Yard sale product.

Name of Item: Alesis Midiverb II

Who It Is Made By : Alesis

100 random effects including but not limited to flange, chorus, "Bloom" (AN AWESOME FEATURE!) and of course, Reverb.
Knobs for input, output, and effect level and 2 input AND output jacks, plus the adapter, but we know it needs one of those anyway...

Cost ; I got it for $15. Cool!

Style of Music It Fits: ANyone who likes flange will love this item.
ANyone who likes Reverb will love this Item.
ANYONE who needs random cool efects will love this item.
But the delay sucks.

Why You Like It : One word: "Bloom". While this processer can do all of what it does really well (Except for the delay... I dont like it, but someone else will surly disagree with me), I would buy it for the 2 Bloom settings it has. Bloom, in case you dont know what it is, is...wait, let me get my instruction manual...DAMN! where is it?... Ok, I cant find it, but the jist of it was that it fades into the signal, copies milliseconds of it and then plays those milliseconds backwards! or something like that, if you know what it really is, correct me, but I love it nontheless. Its a great thing to add to the rack!

And I am having trouble with putting pictures up sorry I suck. BUT I TRIED TO ATTACH AN ATTACHED PICTURE but it wont work, will it...

The Prog fan you never wanted to meet.
cost about 85 bucks
three knobs volume, tone , and sustain
true bypass , ac adaptar,
the big muff is made from aluminum
i beat the crap out of mine when i play , so every once and i while i take the top off the bend it straight, but theres never been any sound problems , or wires comming lose , the sound go from violin like sustain , to loud hissing violent feedback fuzz, i recomend anyone , to buy one,,,,, i recentally played a show in an old building behind my friends house, and for an hour i played in the mud caked floor , with water dripping from the ceiling, when i got done my big muff was covered yet still fully functional, i cleaned it off, and it was the same, my friends boss metal zone he uses on his bass, shorted out , is its build to last
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Name: Dr. Ducks Super Fat .14s

Who's It Made By: Ducks Deluxe

Features: Strings with really good tone...Also available in Medium Lights (.11s), Medium Fat (.12s), and Custom Fat (.13s).

Cost:Around 10 bucks

Style of Music: Jazz, Surf, Ska, Pop-Punk

Why I Like It: These strings are the best electric strings I've ever used...they last quite awhile too.

You can get them from

Name of Item: RP300A
Who It Is Made By: Digitech
Features: 40 Artist presets, 40 user presets and 40 Factory presets (120 in all.) 11 effects at once, different parameters for each effect, drum machine, Learn-a-lick, Jam-a-long. Chromatic Tuner, Stereo Output, Expression Pedal, 2 assignable LFO filters, Alpha Numeric Display, Rugged Metal Chassis.
Cost: 299$US
Syle of Music it fits: I can get any kind of sound for any type of music. It is especially nice with artist presets to sound exactly like the musicean.
Why I like it: I like the pedal becuase I can use it for any type of music and its got every effect with a wah or expression pedal. Its got learn a lick where you can plug in a cd player and it will slow down the song so you can learn it and, jam along so you can play along with the song. And its got a drum machine.
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I too have a modded wah pedal, but just to be different i have a vox

Name: Vox V847 Wah Pedal (modded by me )

Who Makes It: Vox (derr)

Features: Just like every other wah pedal, press the switch and rock up and down, taa daa!

Cost: 220 for the pedal (used), and about 45 for the extra parts. I know that sounds expensive but i live in New Zealand so in the end its like 190 US dollars, which is still crazy but NZ is a little island in the pacific that noones ever heard of so of course things are gonna be overpriced But yeah, it is a pretty reasonable price considering the situation.

Style of Music: Well i suppose it suits whatever style, just depends how you use it However, i use it for the bluesy kinda wah tone i get.

Why I Like It: Because i love the bluesy sound like Hendrix or Clapton and the smooth bluesy wah tone is just perfect, it often makes me drool... It is also made like bricks for a house - i could use it for a murder weapon cos its so solid. In fact, my younger cousin used it as dumbbell before i slapped him across the face with it. (For the record, i do disregard abuse in all forms)

I got this pedal a while ago because i was informed that stock vox wahs were pretty reasonable, and at that point i wasnt planning on any modifications.

Then after i got a lot of feedback due to non truebypassanism (it is so a word!) i decided to fix it, however, cos i live in NZ, supplies werent that easy - and cheap to find. I ended up ordering one off stewmac which cost me 18 USD, and after installation i noticed huge improvements.

When i was looking around on the net to figure out how to get true bypass i discovered this site which then inspired me to do more modifications. After doing the true bypass mod, my wah was a lot quieter when in use so i replaced 68k resistor with a 47k one to increase volume. i then did the vocal mod (replaced the 33k resistor with a 100k) and replaced the 470 ohm resistor with a 270 one, and the 1k5 with a 1k8. i also replaced the .01uf cap with a .068uf cap (im not entirely sure what each mod sounds seperate as i changed everything all at once) Then i put it all together again and tried it out. The results were not so good tho. It didnt sound anything like a wah, it was just plain crazy weird. So i took it apart again and put the .01uf cap back in.

Now it sounds absolutely fantastic, before it was kinda dry and dull - now its the exact opposite. I dont really know how to put it into words, but the clean tone is so so so smooth and when distorted its just perfect for adding flavour to crunchy blues solos.

The mods arent completely finished but i dont exactly see myself finishing them off soon. I plan to add a green led to tell me when its on, and i just thought about maybe painting the black parts green, however i dont know how i am gonna paint the rubber part for your foot with out paintin the silver bit (which i want to keep that way) If anyones got any ideas could you PM me please...

Its easier to understand the paint job ambitions with the picture

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name of item - grip master

who makes it - planet waves

features - umm...none i guess?

cost - 13 US$

style of music - any i guess

why i like it - i take it where ever i go in my poket and whenever i have spare time i use it, i can definitly say that over the since last week ( when i got it) i have definitly noticed an improvment in my speed and indurance. if it were lost i would buy another one, maybe even two just in case i lost it again for 13 bucks it is definitly worth it. plus you can buy the rough riders caps thingies to build callouses, they pop right on to the gripmaster. all in all i give the gripmaster a 10/10

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Boss ME-50

Cost me £200.

Style of music - You can probably use this for anything.

I tried out loads of multi-FXs and this was my favourite one. It's basically almost as good as having a pedal board - it has a dedicated footswitch for distortion/overdrive, modulation and delay, with all the different effects for each category being changed by dedicated knobs. It's also got all the usual gubbins like tone modify, noise suppression and a tuner, and it also has a memory mode which is very powerful. There's also a very useful expression pedal, which can be used for volume, wah, voice, whammy or ring modulation. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's a weird metallic-sounding noise, completely tuneless, sounds nothing like a guitar, probably only useful if you're trying to record the next Kid A.

My only gripes are that the acoustic simulator just sounds like an electric with the tone turned to 0 (but I wasn't expecting great things from it) and when using certain effects like harmonist or whammy you can only play one note at a time or it goes all weird and distorted.

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What, no one can include the Boss CE-3 Chorus?

Alrighty, lets get down to business,
Name:CE-3 Chorus


Features:variable rate, depth, and stereo settings

Cost:$50.00 US

Style of Music:Classic rock, definetly hair metal with a distortion unit plugged in behind it.

What I like about it:This petal just sounds awesome, it lets me get that classic rock feel wen its clean, and with distortion behind it it screams with all the fury of Journey. Set the rate and depth all the way up and you get some wicked fat feedback too.

Sorry theres no picture though, i looked everywhere, including the Boss website and i couldnt fin a good one
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Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion

This is my current distortion pedal of choice, got it from some tiny music shop for £60. I tried out loads of different ones, like the Boss DS-1, pretty much every Marshall one going and a ProCo Rat, and this was the one I liked most.

It has two modes, thoughtfully labelled 1 and 2. Mode 1 is standard distortion, pretty much identical to the DS-1's sound. It's been reviewed elsewhere so I won't go into any more detail. Mode 2 is 'turbo' mode which is basically overdrive. Turn the amount of distortion down and you get a nice bluesy overdrive sound, turn it up and you get a sound ideal for screaming leads. If you turn your guitar's tone down a bit and switch to the neck pickup, it makes a good rhythm sound too. I usually use Mode 1.

As far as features go, it has knobs for level, tone and distortion (basically the same as gain). It also has a jack for a footswitch to change between the 2 turbo modes. They reccommend you use the £40 Boss footswitch, but I used a £10 Marshall one (usually used for my amp) to check it worked and it was fine. I don't use this feature, I just use Mode 1 and use my amp for overdrive sounds.

I'm using it with an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and a Marshall MG30DFX (its days are numbered, I'm saving up for a Crate GT212), as well as a Boss ME-50. I place the DS-2 before any of the ME-50's effects.

The DS-1 costs £50, this cost me £60. For an extra ten squid you're getting something which also doubles up as an overdrive pedal. A good deal, in my opinion.

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"Back in '87 a friend of mine turned me onto a set of GHS TNT Boomers and I was completely blown away. The combination of the thick bottom and light top is crushing. To date I use 10-60 and all of the bass players who roll with the Black Label Society use GHS as well. When you find something that works you don't look back".

Signature Set - GBZW
Zakk uses this set when using standard tunings and some drop tunings with Black Label Society and Ozzy Ozbourne.

Signature Set - GBZWLO
Zakk uses this set when using lower than normal drop tunings. The heavier gauges on the low E string provides more tension and snaps back better at lower
Heres my latest purcahse, a Laney LC50 from good old ebay. cost me £300, there around £500 new, £250-£300 is the going rate on Ebay. Contains 3 gain stages, all powered by ECC83 valves, a phase splitter, again an ECC83 and then 2 output valves 5881. two footswitchable channels, each with seperate volume and EQ. Footswitchable reverb, effects loop with control knowb to alter the wet dry mix. Bags of tone, lots of drive though extreme levels of gain will require a pedal. Here my demo on my dmusic site.

Clean Channel

0:00-0:08 - SX strat, bridge/middle rhythm sound

0:08-0:22 - SX strat, middle/neck rhythm sound

0:22-0:36 - SX strat, middle/neck solo sound

0:36-0:54 - SX strat, bridge/middle rhythm and lead with compression.

drive channel

0:54-1:19 - SX strat, middle/neck blues overdrive. (gain approx 30%)

1:19-1:45 - Pacifica 1151 ms, seymour duncan hot rails (bridge, rock sound (gain approx 70%).

1:45-2:17 - Pacifica 1151 ms, heavy rock (gain approx 90%), rhythm hotrails, lead SD 59', neck position.

2:17-end - Pacifica 1151 ms, hotrails (gain 100%), first half pickup volume full, second half volume rolled off.

I love the dynamics you get from this amp, the lovely overtones, once ive got the DS-1 infront if it tis going to be tone heaven. Would love to hear some thoughts on the demo, ignore the playing, it aint that great, wanted to knock this out quickly.

E-Bow Plus

£60 from Ebay.

The ultimate toy. The Ebow is a small hand-held device which replaces the pick. It straddles three strings on the guitar, the two on the outside sitting inside guider grooves to keep it in place. The Ebow directs a powerful magnetic field at the middle string, causing it to vibrate and sustain until you take the Ebow away.

It sounds simple but it offers an absolutely massive palette of sounds. Played clean with no effects on the neck pickup it sounds like an alien violin. Roll the tone down and play notes in the upper register and it sounds like a flute. Add some chorus to it and it sounds even better. Create volume swells by moving the Ebow back and forth over the pickups.

The Ebow Plus has a secondary harmonising mode, which has two functions. It boosts the sustain of notes higher up on the fretboard, while sustained lower notes closer to the nut eventually fly off into artificial harmonics.

It also works extremely well with effects. Two good uses I have found so far are a) using a wah as a filter - the Ebow sounds better with less treble and a mellower tone and b) using a harmoniser pedal (either on a Digitech Whammy or on a Boss ME-50 which is what I'm using) set to harmonise in octaves to thicken the sound out.

There's no need to use overdrive, since the Ebow adds quite a lot of gain to the sound. Distortion doesn't seem to do much except make the note attack faster.

I use it on an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (I tried it on a Stratocaster but it definitely sounds better with humbuckers) running through a Boss ME-50 multi-FX and DS-2 distortion into a Marshall MG30DFX.

The Ebow is a totally unique accessory. Like slide guitar, it's a totally new way of playing guitar.

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I swear I'm the only person on this forum who uses these, and nobody within 200 miles of me carries them...but they are simply the best coated strings you can buy.
Wyres Strings specializes in making our own handmade musical instrument strings, coated or uncoated, for the purist. Strings that don?t suffer from the ?metal fatigue? that?s caused by the bending, flexing and over-stretching of totally machined strings. Such strings are prone to lose their tone and break more quickly. Our highly skilled craftspeople handwrap the core-wire, resulting in a looser wound, lighter tensioned, softer playing string, with less stress on the player and instrument. The player finds the strings easier on the fingers when bending and playing. The instrument ?breathes? and resonates more freely with longer sustain. Handmade Wyres have truer intonation and stay in tune longer. Wyres aren?t mass-produced, taking longer and costing more to make, but resulting in a superior sounding and playing string.

Our optional P.T.F.E. (polymer tetra-fluoro-ethylene) or ?teflon? coating is a proprietary process of combining a dry inert plastic with a carrying agent of rubbing alcohol. This lighter coating doesn?t dampen frequencies and is applied over the finished string, allowing more wire to wire contact for more brilliance. P.T.F.E. lubricates the string, protecting it against oils, acids and oxidation, resulting in less fret wear, less chording noise, longer life and a smooth, silky touch.

The ad on their site is pretty damn accurate...unlike elixirs the strings aren't covered in a "tube" coating, so no tone is lost, and the coating won't start to flake off after a couple weeks of playing. They feel and sound very similar to uncoated DRs. And at $6 a pack they're still around the same cost as most strings!

They make strings for electrics, acoustics, classicals, mandolins, banjos, and bouzoukis too

So some!
Name of product: ToneCore Uber Metal
Company Name: Line6



Über Metal brings you massive amounts of gain in one tiny, tough package. You can chose from some of the best Line 6 high-gain tones from HD147 and Vetta II including Metal, Pulverize, and Insane. Also included with the Über Metal is a built-in selectable noise gate, and scoop control for massive tonal contouring.


Model Switch - Give this a flick to reconfigure the destructive power of Über Metal.

-----Metal - creates screaming distortion, from heavy grind to molten metal! Bow down, infidels.

-----Pulverize - gives you a distortion similar to a high-gain tube amp. Mmmm, it?s warm and meaty!

-----Insane - has more skin-peeling gain and sustain than anything else available. For the inner Samurai-shredder in all of us.

Level - This sets the output level. Higher levels will hit the amp or effect fed by the Über Metal will more signal level, giving your more volume.

Mid & Scoop - Mid chooses a frequency from 250Hz to 4kHz. Scoop then removes sound at this frequency, with maximum scoop at the fully clockwise setting. Turn it fully counter-clockwise for a slight mid boost.

Drive - This controls the amount of distortion created within your Über Metal. Especially when you've got it set high, you may need to use the Gate to tame unwanted noise.

Bass & Treble - Bass and Treble are controls for your low and high frequencies.

-----Off - Disables the Gate.

-----Gate 1 - A soft and mild noise gate, self-adjusting to your current Drive knob setting.

-----Gate 2 - A heavy, fast-clamping gate. Great for those aggressive metal chords and palm muting.

Power Requirements
- Single 9-Volt Battery, or
- Line 6 DC-1 9-Volt DC Power Supply (buy it now)

Size & Weight:
- Width 3.375"
- Depth 5.625"
- Height 2.875"
- Weight 2lbs 4oz

Cost: 100 USD (53 GBP)

Style of Music: Anything Form of Metal and punk

Why I Like it:
This pedal is the ultimate in sound and quality. When I first heard about it and heard the little sound clips, i thought "nothing special." But when i went and played it in person i found who versatile it was and how i could get a completely different sound. I got my 80s Metal (w/ delay, of course) sound out of this little stompbox. This pedal pwns Metal Zone and Digitech Death Metal by a long shot and I must say this thing is quite versatile with three different distortion modes and a built in noise suppressor. You can get so many sounds out of this little thing. For $100, this pedal is well worth it.

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Name of Product: ToneCore Echo Park
Who Makes it?: Line6



Based on the award-winning DL4 Delay Modeler, Echo Park is loaded with unbelievable sounding models including Analog, Tape, and Digital Delay. Different delay patterns such as slap, ping pong, swell, and sweep can be adjusted with the twist of a knob, and the Mod dial can be tweaked for even more variations. Also features Tap Tempo and stereo ins and outs.


Model Switch - Switching this reconfigures the virtual circuitry inside Echo Park. You get three of the most desired delay sounds on the planet.

-----Tape - This gives you darker tone with each repeat just like a vintage tape-based echo. And you never have to change tapes!

-----Digital - This gives you straight up echoes, with crystal clear digital fidelity.

-----Analog - Designed to give you a vintage analog ?bucket brigade? delay sound, with its classic warmth and warble.

Trails Switch - Set this on to keep Echo Park?s processing engaged while in bypass, so your echoes smoothly trail away when you kick the effect off.

Mix - Turn the knob up (clockwise) for louder echoes, or down for quieter ones.

Repeat - You get 1 repeat at the minimum setting, and infinite repeats that swirl around when the knob is all the way up.

Time - This knob gives you a range of spacings for your echoes from 53 milliseconds (close together) through 2.2 seconds (way far apart). You can use Tap Tempo to reach Echo Park?s maximum time of 2.5 seconds.

Mod - Turn this knob up to get some delicious stereo modulation on your echoes. Each model has its own type of stereo modulation:
-Analog has Vibrato
-Digital has Chorus
-Tape has Wow & Flutter

Function Control Knob

-----Normal - your taps are treated as quarter notes, so you hear your echoes coming back at the same speed you tapped the footswitch.

-----Tap eighth note triplet - This setting lets you tap quarter notes, while the echoes come back doing 8th note triplets. Sweet!

-----Tap dotted eighth note - You tap quarter notes, your echoes come back as dotted 8th notes.

-----Slap - This is the place for a speedy slap back echo. The Time knob?s range is automagically changed to be 10 to 150 milliseconds. You can Tap Tempo quarter notes, and get 16th note echoes.

-----Swell - This adds an auto volume swell along with your echoes. Dreamy.

-----Sweep - Add this sweeping filter to the feedback loop of your echoes and you?ll be glad you did!

-----Ducking - The volume of your echoes is ?ducked? (reduced) while you?re playing, and increases when you stop. This is handy to avoid mud-tone.

-----Multi 1 - Uses multiple delay ?taps? to give you a rhythmic pattern of echoes.

-----Multi 2 - Another multi-tap rhythmic variation.

-----Ping Pong - Alternating left and right taps

-----Reverse - Just like the backwards tape tricks on our favorite albums, this flips your input signal around and sends it back to you in reverse. Use it live, and folks are sure to be impressed.

Tap Tempo - Put your foot to work and get your echoes in the groove! Using the innovative ToneCore double-action footswitch, you can tap a couple times and have your echoes match your tempo. Whether the effect is active or bypassed, you can tap the footswitch lightly to set delay time. Your first two taps establish the tempo and any additional taps will be averaged in.

Any time the Tap Tempo switch is used to alter the delay, the tapped value overrides the current setting of the Time knob. Whenever the Time knob is turned, it overrides the last value entered with the Tap Tempo switch. Echo Park?s indicator light flashes the tempo in green when the effect is ON and amber when the effect is OFF.

Details on Time knob ranges:
-Normal = 53ms to 2235ms
-8th-note triplet = 18ms to 745ms
-8th-note dotted = 40ms to 1676ms
-Slap = 10ms to 150ms

Details on Tap Tempo ranges:
-Normal = 40ms to 2500ms
-8th-note triplet = 13ms to 833ms
-8th-note dotted = 30ms to 1875ms
-Slap = 10ms to 625ms

.....Note about delay times:
All times are in Milliseconds.
1000ms = 1 second

Power Requirements:
-Single 9-Volt Battery, or
-Line 6 DC-1 9-Volt DC Power Supply (buy it now)

Size & Weight:
-Width 3.375"
-Depth 5.625"
-Height 2.875"
-Weight 2lbs 4oz

Cost: 150 USD (Usually available Blemished New for 120 USD)

Style of Music it Fits: Anything using delay

Why I Like It
.....This delay pedal is amazing, it's so versatile and great sounding. You really get your moneys worth on this one. It's not as great as the DL4 but the sound quality is just as good, just not as many options on it. Team this pedal up with an Uber Metal and they're unstoppable. This is another best buy and a beautiful pedal with a very wide variety of sounds and very well constructed. She's tough and weighs it and will satisfy anyone looking for delay.

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Digital Delay (DD-6)


Features: this thing is loaded with them. the there 7 modes on the pedal: (in order) Warp, Hold (5.2 s), Reverse, 80ms, 300ms, 800ms, 2600 ms. the first mode hold, is a standard little delay. what makes it so cool is that, when engaged and holding the pedal down, its creates a loop thing and repeats the note over and over until you let go of the pedal. it does feedback, however, but i dont use it long enough(in a band/live sitiuation) for it to bug me. the second, Hold, is a looper that, when held down, plays 5.2 seconds and loops it. you can lay quite a few "tracks", but it gets muddy. hit the pedal to turn it off. Reverse is awesome. turn the Level all the way to get true Jimi tones. then the other delays are rockin. 80ms is good for the surfer stuff 300ms for Tom Morello-esque slapback delays, 800ms (one i use the most) holds great soloing delay possibilities, 2800ms is killer to like add delaying harmonies, weird little things. it also has a built in tap tempo. hold it for more than 2 seconds, then, just click how fast you want the delay to be. the last cool thing on here is the D. Time knob. its like theres a built in tape in the pedal. set the pedal for a good long delay, then slowly (or quickly if you want) and its like the sound os fast forwarding. i love it.

Cost: new $160, got it used for $18 (sold my Digitech Phaser and Delay to lower price) or it would have been $54.

Style of music: anything w/ delay, rock, country, indian, latin, all the good stuff.

i love it for the features and the 5.2 seconds of sampling over the Digitechs 4 seconds. it may not seem like much but it is. its suprising.

Edit: ok i got a picture.

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Ibanez CF-7 by Ibanez

$60 USD (new)

Features: the CF-7 is a remarkable pedal for its price. its got the usual speed, depth, delay time, and regen (regeneration) for knob controls. the two switches are for Mode (chorus or flanger), and my favorite feature, the Krazy switch (Normal or Whack'd) more on this in a lil' bit. this thing offers lush choruses to thick flanges. this thing is great. it can get a little extreme when set to extremes, but what isn't? the Krazy switch is why i bought the pedal. im always looking to get some weird, intense noise for my bands little tribute to Mars Volta (not a cover or anything, just a weird part of the song the Mars Volta would do), and this thing offers me that. Check the Ring Modulator Clip and tell me that isnt some kinda weird sound. from warbles to gurgles to shimmery cleans and 747 jets, it give me what i want/need. this thing, may not be perfect, its cheaper (and IMO better) than buy a Boss chorus and flanger to do the same things.

Style: metal, chill, rock, anything you want to use it in.

i love the Krazy switch, it brings the pedal into its own.

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Name of Item: Grunge
Who It Is Made By: Digitech
Loud knob- Controls distortion output level
Low knob- Controls boost or cut of low frequencies
High knob- Controls boost or cut of high frequencies
Grunge knob- Controls the amount of distortion
AC adapter jack- Allows connection to mains supply
Indicator LED- Indicates when effect is turned on
2 outputs- One for amp, one for mixer/recorder
Delivered to the Netherlands from 50 euros Great Britain: 40 pounds US: $80
Style of Music It Fits: Grunge [obviously], any rock, produces heavy distortion.
Why You Like It: Produces an amazing thick tone, murky bottom end for Grunge music. Also very versatile for Alternative music such as Muse, etc. Gets crunchy distortion aswell.

Name of Item - Qwik Tune Q12E
Who It Is Made By - Qwik Tune
Features - Tunes your guitar or bass
Cost - around 35GBP
Style of Music It Fits - N/A
Why You Like It - Most useful feature on this is the circuit breaker button on the front. If you're playing a gig, you can cut the sound and tune in silence. It's much cheaper than the Boss TU-2, and although it's plastic, not metal, it's still durable. It has LEDs and a needle for really accurate tuning. You can also get it to play the note to you which is useful if you just want to quickly tune it up without plugging in.
Name of Item- Korg PX4 Pandora
Who It Is Made By- Korg
Features- # Lit icon characters against semitransparent LCD for better viewing, especially under stage lights
# Control panel layout stands vertically as opposed to horizontal layout of the PX3
# Infrared transmitter, FM-type for wireless headphones
# Runs on a 4.5V DC, uses standard power supply
# 50 factory programs/50 user
# 124 effects types, 7 at once
# RMS modeling
# Intelligent pitch shifting
# Random step filter
# 40 rhythm and bass patterns
# Chain up to 8 different patterns together
# Phrase trainer with 31.7 seconds recording time
# Transposer in, Aux in
# Pickup modeling
# Stompbox dynamic effect models
# 14 amp models
# 11 cabinet models
# 44 modulation types
# 5 delays
# 10 reverbs
# Effects include Talker, Feedbacker, Slow-Attack, Guitar Synth, Ring Modulator, U-Vibe, and Rotary

Cost- $199.00 on Musicians Friend
Style of Music It Fits - Every style
Why You Like It- Its just really nifty. I don't own it, I played it at my friends house, but it has so many different effects, it makes it a killer piece of equipment. If you have the money you want to spend, buy it.

Check it out here.
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what brand/gauge of strings will get me a nice, warm sound? Kind of like the sound that Trey Anastasio and Jerry Garcia has.

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For sale: Early 1985 Ibanez AH10 (Allan Holdsworth signature model) PM for details
Name of Item: BLT Slap Echo

Who It Is Made By: Danelectro

Features: Mix and Repeat

Cost: $29.99

Style of Music It Fits: Rockabilly, Country and Blues
Why You Like It: I like this pedal because it's sturdy (believe it or not) and fits to the kind of music I like to play. It is the perfect pedal for classic country and rockabilly. It sounds just like the old recordings from early Elvis with Scooty Moore. Definitly a worthwhile pedal for the rockabilly fans. And this thing is pretty sturdy. I've had it for over a year now and I only broke one of the dials off tonight after I accidently slammed the wah pedal on it. But it was an easy fix because the bottom of the dial has a little cross on the bottom of it and it fits in directly to it's former spot and just added a touch of super glue to ensure it's immobility from going anywhere anymore. For the price, this pedal rocks, and if it wore 20 bucks more, I'd buy it again. Although you must buy a wall wart for this one because it will eat a battery or two until you get one. A lot of people harp on Danelectro for not being quality but they can say all they want and buy more exspensive equipment and miss out on a good deal that is worth every penny.

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Alright. Prepare for a long post.

Name of Item: DDL Digital Delay
Who It Is Made By: Ibanez
Three Modes:
Short - 28 ~ 224 ms
Long - 224 ~ 1800 ms
Hold - 224 ~ 1800 ms
--> Has three control knobs, Delay time, Delay level and Repeat.
--> Regular output as well as Dry output.
Cost: $35 CD :P I bought it from a friend, I got a huge deal.
Style of Music It Fits: Any type of song you'd want to play with delay, this pedal will work for you. It's old (I'm not sure of the original release date) but it's efficient.
Why You Like It: Well I mainly like it because it was such a steal, but it's also everything I currently want in a delay pedal. Whether I just want a slight echo for solo-ing, or a noisy looped intro for walking on stage (yeah, very showy), this gets the job done. With all of the settings up, this pedal can loop a 2-3 second guitar sound for at least a minute and a half to two minutes.

(Not taken by me, found it on google.)

Name of Item: Magicstomp
Who It Is Made By: Yamaha
Features: Oh... the features...
It has 99 factory preset patches, with an absolute plethora of different sounds. And as if that wasn't enough, it comes with 99 user overideable slots. It comes with a CD rom that contains a program you can use to custom build your own effects, with endless possibilities. While the pedal is hooked up to the computer via USB, you can hear what you're editing through your amp so you know exactly what's going on. Even if you don't know what all of the knobs do in the editor, you can just screw with them until you get the sound you like. The pedal itself has 3 knobs to control whatever aspect of the effect (that you've made) that you want. The Presets come already set as to what can be changed with the knobs. It has an On/Off switch, a Volume knobs, and two other switches to cycle through the effects (which you can hold down to speed through them). You can also go online to the Magicstomp Website (link below) and get patches from different artists who use the Magicstomp. It has a very swell looking 32-bit backlit screen, that has some sort of layering on it that defends against scratching. I put a homemade clear tape-shield on anyways, for optimal protection.
99 factory preset patches


P01: HeavyHiGain
P02: HeavyTrem
P03: Drivin'Verb
P04: VinTremolo
P05: 70'sRockLead
P06: SciFiFlange
P07: AllPurpose
P08: CrunchChorus
P09: CleanCutting
P10: BluesSolo
P11: Cuttin'Fl
P12: ArpDelay


P13: FatGermFuzz
P14: BuzzsawFuzz
P15: TubeDrive
P16: VinMidBoost
P17: ClassicDist
P18: BigSusFuzz
P19: Overdrive
P20: MetalDist
P21: SmashingFuzz


P22: JetFuzz
P23: Flangitis
P24: VibeFuzz
P25: OD Chorus
P26: WobbleFuzz


P27: VinClean
P28: FatBassCombo
P29: ClassACombo
P30: 70'sBrit
P31: ClassACrunch
P32: HiVoltage
P33: HiGainStk
P34: ModernHiGain
P35: BatteryAmp
P36: SmallRadio


P37: AnalogChorus
P38: RichStereoCh
P39: Symphonic
P40: Womanizer


P41: AnalogFlange
P42: JupiterRay
P43: TunnelFlange


P44: AnalogPhaser
P45: PhaserFan
P46: StrwbrryFaze


P47: VinVibe
P48: PitchVibrato


P49: OptComTrem
P50: PanTrem


P51: VinRotary


P52: SmallComp


P53: ShadowDly
P54: TapeEcho
P55: MultiHead
P56: AnalogDelay
P57: PingPongDly
P58: AnalogModDly
P59: Symphdelay
P60: UD-Chorus1
P61: UD-Lead1
P62: UD-VolSwell1


P63: HallRev
P64: PlateRev
P65: SpringRev
P66: ModRev
P67: ShaloWaters


P68: D.FilterUp
P69: DynaJetFlang
P70: TalkingPhase
P71: CatShelter


P72: RingMod


P73: PitchShift


P74: 12Strings
P75: SparklMod
P76: DiveDown
P77: DiminishUpDw
P78: Bats
P79: MachineGun
P80: RotModDly
P81: SlowSpace
P82: Traktor
P83: Mob
P84: Shimmer
P85: SpaceGun


P86: GlamRiff
P87: WestCoastRif
P88: LongSusLead
P89: SurfSound
P90: BigRock
P91: CleanTremolo
P92: SweetFaze
P93: HeatFlange
P94: SaucyRock
P95: 80'sR-n-B

AG Multi

P96: AG Stroke
P97: AG Arpeggio
P98: AG Lead
P99: AG NylonStr

Full descriptions of the effects along with audio samples can be found here:

My personal favourite is P20, MetalDistortion. I don't really play any metal at all, but this distortion still fits with what I generally play, which includes modern rock, indie, and even some blues solos sound jammin with this distortion, especially when teamed up with my Dano Compressor (which I'm not going to review, because it's almost the same at the CS-3 that's already been reviewed, only with less knobs.)

Cost: $425 CD (it's pretty hefty in price but totally worth it).

Style of Music It Fits: Anything. Period.

Why You Like It: The range of customization and knwoing that I can have almost any sound I want is what appeals to me most about this one.


That's it for tonight, as it's getting pretty damn late. I'll try to post the rest tomorrow.
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Name: Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

Manufactuer: Boss

Features: It features Level, Gain, and Tone controls. It also offers the option of 9v batteries or a 9v adaptor. Another nice feature is the 5 year warranty you get from Boss.

List - $128.50
Street- $79.99

Style of music: Well, the most obvious genre would be the blues. It offers smooth overdriven tone reminiscent of a tube amp. But it can add enough overdrive to suit your needs for a lot of classic rock. Some people don't like the midrange boost you get from this pedal, though.

Why I like it: The main reason i like this pedal is b/c it offers a nice overdriven sound which is great for blues guitar. I'm currently playing through a solid state amp and this pedal is a step closer to the "creamy, in-the-alley overdrive" of a tube amp. This pedal is for those of us that want an Ibanez tube screamer ts 808 but are on a budget.

Hope i helped.
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Name of Item

G7th - Capo

Who It Is Made By



Extremley strong capo, but light to move, no hassle, its a one-handed job. Easily clips onto headstock, and is compact so it go go into a guitar case without having to be removed. Works on an extremley simple latch system, which you dont even have to touch, but i can express how lightweight and easy to clip on this thing is.


Where i work --- £25, around the same at most dealers

Style of Music It Fits

Anythign you'd use a capo for, country, blues, mod rock, acoustic, same use as all capo's

Why You Like It

200 times more easier to use than anything else out there.


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I endorse tht BD-2 Blues Driver, by Boss. It ranges from $70-$100, but it's worth it. It gives a little distordion, and a fatter, fuller sound. If you like Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn, this pedal is for you!
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Name : Jim Dunlop Strap Lok

Price : About a buck

Where: usually on the music store's counter with the picks.

What: This is one of the greatest, cheapest, simplist, most effective strap lock out there. It's a little plastic thing that you put over your strap button on top of your strap. At first I was a little hesistant on depending my heavy les paul on a little plastic thing. But after a while I learned to trust it 100%. This thing has never failed on me yet and I trust it completly.
The most attractive thing about it is, you dont need any installation, and it's the price of about 2 picks
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Name of Item: Guitar Port
Who It Is Made By: Line 6
Features: A bunch of amp and effects models, and guitarport online. Plugs straight into your computer.
Cost: $100 at MF
Style of Music It Fits: Everything
Why You Like It: Well I was thinking about getting a PODxt, then I came accross this little guy. I only wanted it for my computer for practicing and recording. It comes with a variety of amp and cab models, though not as many as the POD (though you can upgrade it for the meager sum of $100 ). There are also a bunch of effects, including different reverbs, delays, dist/overdrive/fuzz pedals, a compressor, EQ, phaser, flanger, chorus etc. They sound surprisingly good, while obviously not quite up there with the real things, they do a very good imitation, and make for some very proffessional sounding recording. Though the quality is largely based on your speakers, however you can choose to plug it into the aux of your stereo or headphones. Also each dist pedal sounds different with each amp, allowing for an even greater pallette of tones.

The installation is fairly simple. Something they don't tell you is that when you have installed it, you need to go to edit>preferences>audio and adjust the playback buffers and ASR for best performance. You'll also need to run l6 monkey to update everything.

Guitarport online quite nice. It has heaps of tracks, tones, lessons and such. The lessons are usually of high standard, and run through licks and phrases that give the artist his/her unique style. The tracks include tabs and tones for the song, aswell as versions without guitars.

Other cool features are the tuner and metronome.

Annoying things are that guitarport is used in three places (the box, the software, and guitarport online) so that can cause some confusiong.

I'll update this if anything else comes to mind.
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Name of Item: Big Muff USA Reissue

Who made it: Electro-Harmonix

Features: Volume - of course
Tone - actaully this control should read "Fuzz"
Sustain - "how long would you like that note held for sir...?" i was actually disapointed, the word on the street is that the old sustain type effects could last forever, this goes for a while, but when you bend the string it cuts out quick.

Cost: $70

Why You like it: Smashing pumpkins "siamese dream", Jimi hendrix, anything with a fuzz so thick you could cut it with a knife. Do not buy this stompbox for anything blues, metal, or really even alternative rock. It is not that versatile, but for what it can do, nothing can touch ti.
Name Of Item : Digitech Bad Monkey

Who Made It? Digitech

Features: From left to right, level - bass - treble - gain.
One Input, Two outputs, with Output 1 not having any effect to the sound,
while output two allows the pedal to go straight into the mixing board via
a cabinet modeller

Cost: AU$99

Why I like it? First of, I compared this thing to the likes of a TS7 and SD-1. The SD-1 is undoubtly a leader in the world of boost, with quite a few artist using it. In fact besides the Tubescreamer, the sd-1 is one of the most mainstream pedals in the local melbourne scene. I tried it out, and boy was I dissapointed, wasn't voiced how I would like it, and that singel tone knob made it hard to dial in a sound I desired. Enter the Bad Monkey, priced cheaper than the SD-1, this thing nailed what I wanted through cleans, but lacked a bit compared to the SD-1 as a booster. Ah well, back then I had a SS POS, so I was just to run it through cleans

This Pedal IMO is more versatile than the SD-1 because of it's EQ controls. A bit hard to find Mids when I first got this pedal, but worth it in the end. A very under-rated pedal, but a very well kept secret.
GT8-Boss, if you are going to spend big money on some gear, splash out on the GT8, it suits any style of music you can think of. It allows you to link up two amps in a variety of ways, play a nice quiet intro and send it to a clean amp, then when you kick into the song and sturm a little harder, the GT8 will automatically switch to the other amp, with as much distortion as you like. I opened this on christmas day and annoyed the neighbours for hours. I don't think I will need any more effects, ever. My friend had the GT6 for years, he was finding new things everyday, this is the GT8 with extra features and new technology.
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Name of Item: DiMarzio Cliplock Srap
Who It Is Made By: DiMarzio
Features: The DiMarzio Cliplock Strap is a strap that clips on to two tags that are drilled into where the strap pins would usually go, so its never going to fall off (unless you unclip it)
Cost: Around $40AUD or $30USD
Style of Music It Fits: N/A
Why You Like It: I like them because they are the most comfortable strap I have ever tried, and the guitar can't fall off of them. And they also come in heaps of different colours. DiMarzio Cliplock straps pwn
Menatone Howie
volume, boost, mid, bass, treble, gain
bypass and boost switch
about $225 street

I borrowed this pedal from a friend who raves about it. The "Howie" was made to transform your tone into the tone of a dumble overdrive special. These amps can cost up to $10,000 and are basicly impossible to acquire. Artists that use dumble amps incluse larry carlton, robben ford, and john mayer. The pedal creates the dumble tone, an extremely smooth overdriven tube sound perfect for blues.


sound sample:
epiphone dot
fender strat w/texas specials
epiphone ej-200ce
vox wah
ibanez ts9
menatone howie
boss dd6
fender 65 twin
Name of Item: Metal Master
Who It Is Made By: Arion
Features: "Direct" and "Soft" distortion, Level, Low, High and Dist knobs, stereo output
Cost: $20 at Musician's Friend (very inexpensive)
Style of Music It Fits: Rock, Metal
Why I Like It: Inexpensive pedal, good for practice amp

I bought this because I wanted something that would give me distortion and more bass in my Stratocaster (single coil bridge p/u) into my practice amp. I bought it about 15 years ago when I was young and broke. I have to say it's done everything I bought it for. It looks like cheap plastic, but it's held up surprisingly well considering all the abuse it's taken.

Probably my favorite feature are the LOW and HIGH knobs. Much better at getting the sound you want than a "tone" control!

All that said, I like the distortion channel in my Peavey Renown amp better than using this pedal through the clean channel.

I recently played it on a gig though a Fender Twin Reverb and I hated the sound (the Twin doesn't have distortion at low volume, but it's got a great clean sound) -- the Fender Twin really lets you hear the pedal, and it doesn't sound that good through a big, clean amp.

If someone stole it, would I buy it again? No, I have more cash now, so I'd probably buy a Tube Screamer, a Blues Driver or an MT-2.

If you want an inexpensive distortion pedal for your practice amp, it's a good choice. If you want to play live gigs with a stage amp, go elsewhere.
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Name: RAT 2 (80's model)

Who It Is Made By: ProCo USA

Features: Three Knobs (Distortion, Filter, Volume), Footswitch, In and Out jack, 9v
AC power pack, Red Led, Glow in the dark paint.

Cost: 5000 yen (50 bucks) second-hand (the way to go, the new ones are crap). New about 11000 yen (100 or so bucks)

Style of Music It Fits: Everything except over the top metal (and even then its OK). Sounds especially good for alternative or indie rock. SIngle coils sound great.

Why You Like It: Save for a real overdriven tube amp, it is simply the best distortion pedal I've ever heard or used (the Boss DS-1 comes close). However, despite having three knobs though, it isn't easy to use and getting the most out of it takes some tweaking. The filter is especailly confusing at first, since it works the "opposite" way to a tone knob on most pedals (0 is bright, 10 in dull). If you like pedal you just plug in and play, the RAT 2 isn't for you.

The variety of tones out of this simple black box is amazing. At low distortion level you get a nice clean "grit" and at half way a very chunky heavy crunch sound. Over half it begins to sound like a Fuzz pedal (even though it technicaully isn't). This pedal also sound great on a bass, on a low setting for a little extra "grit" (Tool's bass player uses one for this reason). IMO the filter is best over 50% since the distortion can be a bit bright and harsh under that. However you can get some pretty fat sounds by playing round with the "filter" knob but it takes a while.

I absolutely love this pedal but it lacks a little bass (I put a Boss EQ after it to try to fix this). I hear the Keeney "mighty mouse" mod for it is great and am thinking about sending mine in.

Again mine is an older one, the newer ones sound a bit thin to me. You can tell because the older ones have "chunky" knobs. If mine was damaged or stolen I would be really mad, and would hunt for another "old" one. If I couldn't find one, I'd setting on a "new" one and send it to Keenley to get modded. After that, I would hunt down the person who damaged/stole it and kick the living ****e out of them.

Some artists who use this pedal include Graham Coxon (Blur) and Blurs bass player (can't think of his name right now), Ed O'Brian and Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Paul Banks (Interpol), Peter Holmstom (the Dandy Warhols), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Justin Chancellor (Tool).

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Name of Item - Earthwood Rock and Blues Acoustic strings
Who It Is Made By - Ernie Ball
Features - Thin strings, amazing sound.
Cost - About $5
Style of Music It Fits - Acoustic rock and Blues
Why You Like It - Thin strings, bend a ton without breaking, and they made my guitar sound so much better than it already did. I have these on a Hohner HW300 acoustic guitar (a beginner guitar) and the guitar sounds incredible.
Picture -
Zoom G2

Features: Multi Effects Unit With Amp Models
Cost: $100 US
Style of Music It Fits: Most things

I needed some effects (Harmonizer, Delay, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Autowah), and it has them and does a pretty good job of them. I'll go through all the effects and how good they are:

Compressor: Gets the job done, minimal colouration of tone, not too noisy.

Auto Wah: Sounds decent, but gets a bit shrill if you set the sensitivity too high
Auto Resonance: Similiar to Auto Wah
Booster: Completely changes tone, for the worse IMO. It doesn't just raise the db as a good booster should.
Tremolo: Versatile tremolo with different wave options.
Phaser: Pretty good. Takes some fiddling to get a good sound, and isn't as good as a dedicated phaser. Has 4 colouring options, but they are very different, and there's no way to mix them, so it's not too versatile.
Ring Modulator: Medicore. Supposed to sound 'metallic,' it only sounds digital.
Slow Attack: You get a far better effect using a volume pedal. The annoying thing is you can still hear your pick attack, which ruins the effect.
Pedal VX (wah): I don't have an expression pedal to try it properly, but I did a little test with the knob and it seems to be very weak with a small range.
Pedal Baby: Same as above.

Noise Reduction: Not very adjustable, you can only adjust the threshold between 1-16.

Drive: Sounds crap through an amp. I'll do some recording straight into my computer and post them up to see what it sounds like that way.

EQ: 6 Bands: 160Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 3.2kHz, 6.4kHz, 12kHz. +-12 adjustion.

Chorus: Relatively good. Not as good as some stand alone chorus', but quite good and adjustable.
Flanger: Not too bad. It's not too versatile, but sounds decent.
Pitch Shifter: Double your pitch with one that you choose. Goes from -octave to +2 octaves.
Pedal Pitch: Needs expression pedal.
Vibrato: Sounds decent, though it's hard to get a good subtle sound.
Step: Friggen weird.
Dynamic Flanger: Similiar to the other Flanger, but changes volume depending on pick attack, in similiar fashion to an Auto Wah. IMO this feature makes this flanger sound a bit better than the other one, as you can set it on negative values so that you can play a chord and you don't get massive flanging, but then you can do some palm muting and you get some nice flanging.
Mono Pitch Shifter: Similiar to the pitch shifter, but only works with one note playing at a time.
Harmonized Pitch Shifter: Diatonic. A fairly good unit considering the rarity of Diatonic Harmonizer before racks. Sounds quite nice and has quite good tracking aswell. The only problem is it sounds weird when trem picking due to it picking up the picking noise and harmonizing that too .

Delay: Sounds thin.
Ping Pong Delay: Same as above, but with 2 amps you can make a ping pong effect.
Echo: Much better than the delay. Far warmer and doesn't sound as thin and crappy when picking up distortion as the other delay does.

Reverb: I havn't tried it due to having a perfectly good spring reverb on my amp. I may later on.

Other Comments:
A good unit for the price. This really needs to go in an effects loop or it sounds crap.
Even though it has '96kHz Sampling,' it still does change tone, quite a bit. Even when all the effect modules are deselected.
I'm making a true bypass looper due to the above reason, and the fact that the off switch is at the back. While the off switch is not a true bypass, it's better than just switching the effects off.

Overall, it's a good effects unit for the price. It will keep me occupied until I can afford a rackmount.

*To be edited with link to recording*
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I couldnt help it, i saw that Xifir had posted the Zoom G", but i must go one further.....the zoom G2.1u. This is basically the same as the G2, but it has a nice expression pedal as well. This can be used to control the amount of distortion on your patch, the delay, reverb, the flanger, and it can be used as a wah pedal. Its extremely easy to use, and very durable.
Another handy feature of this pedal over the G2 is that it has a USB connection, and when connected to a computer, it can be used as an audio interface. The sound quality is excellent, and the reason why i like this pedal so much is because it has the owrlds fastest patch change....5 milliseconds! No more delays like the Boss pedals (which i love so much).
Free with the pedal comes Cubase LE, a cut-down version of SX, but still works soooo well. Up to 24 tracks, stero, and with ASIO monititoring functions. Just make sure your compuetr is fast.

I highly recommend anyone whos staring into the world of recording should get this little beauty. Hell, if it can make my ****ty replica strat sound like a Gretcsh white falcon, then i dont think anyone should complain!

Price: ?161---approx $200
the g21u runs on either batteries, a power adaptor, or from a USB port. I dont recommend the latter as it can cause the signal to the computer to go slow. The power adaptor costs ?8, which is about $11.

Rating:10/10...cubase le is so handy......
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Name of Item:
Behringer Hell Babe Wah (HB01)

Who It Is Made By:

Optical sensor control
Boost switch
Range control knob
Spring back pedal mechanism (can be removed)
Boost control
Q control
Fine Tune control
Dual LED indicators

I have also read that it is a copy of the Dimebag signature Crybaby


Style of Music It Fits:
Rock, funk & blues mostly. Possibly for metal.

Why You Like It:
I dont. The construction isn't sturdy (the metal bar in the side comes out while I'm using it), I dont like the sound of it and it doesn't have very good sweep.
But I do like the optical sensor control and the spring back mechanism.

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