i've been looking into getting better gear in every aspect of my playing. New guitar, amp, and effect pedals. now before going to a local guitar center, i really had now idea how effect pedals work and after experimenting with them, i relly plan on getting a few. However when looking at new amps (particularly marshalls) i was recomended trying to get a Marshall JCM800. Doing some research on that amp revealed to me that it is only one channel.

so i'm wondering, does anyone know if it's possible to use efects pedals to get both clean and overdrive sounds out of a one channel amp?
if u get single pedals, not a modeling effectboard, u have a footswitch to turn it on and off
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Yes, you could put the amp on the clean channel and add overdrive to it with and overdrive or distortion pedal. You can also have a nice crunch on the amp and clean your sound up by rolling the volumeknob on your guitar back.
You won't really need an overdrive with that amp, unless you use it for soloing. and when you want cleans, roll the volume off, it's tricky to get it good at first, but you'll get it.
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