ok so alt picking makes you play faster? cuz i wanna learn something but it wont work cuz i cant play that fast. but if i alt pick, will i be playing faster?
you just don't notice it but think about it. If your picking the string on the way up instead of coming back up without picking then having to go back down it saves you some time.
As said if you pick on the way up as well instead of only picking on the way down you will obviously play faster =)
theoretically you can pick twice as fast then. heres a link with alternate picking for you, maybe it will help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1ClRugPwag

(for the mods)
Im not trying to sell anything. In fact i dont even know the guy in the video and i just posted this link to help omarkandah. I dont know if its legal to place a link but ill hope you understand :P