Everything is 100% working. The Boss pedals have been modded by yours truly. The SD1 is warmer, with more gain, and a less nasal tone. Basically a perfectly useable OD now too. The DS1 has a more vintage sound, less gain, slightly warmer tone. Fun pedal! They're not 100% in condition but easy 8.5/10 each.
The last time I sold my modded SD1 + DS1 they got bought on the spot by an employee of Live Music.
The MXR EQ is basically new. Not been used a lot at all, never left my house since I had it, and it's a smoke free environment.
The Stupid Box is mint, barely ever used, got it less than a month ago from the US.

Of course you're free to come round to try them if you're in Edinburgh.

Add £5 for postage

EQ: £50
SD1: £30
DS1: £25
Subdecay: £110
Pics will boost your chances of a sale my friend.

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....

I spend all my money on gear, I have no digicam :P I'll borrow my flatmate's though. Stay tuned.

Pics... my flatmate doesn't like it anymore when I borrow her digicam :P Most of these are on these pics:

Subdecay's the little yellow pedal. 100% mint, no kidding.

SD1 on there. 8.5/10 condition

DS1 on there. 8/condition

New prices:

Subdecay £95 shipped to your door (costs more than that shipped from the US, + you get customs charges)
SD1 and DS1 £25 each (honestly worth it, I got offered more for my first mods)
Celestion SOLD!

Subdecay, DS1 and Jensen left. At these prices, maybe not for long folks...
If you still have the DS1 in 2 weeks, i'll take it
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Ahh my god i wish i had the moneys for that subdecay am saving for an amp, and that was the overdrive i wanted =/

Have a free bump, pott
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Celestion GONE
DS1 not for sale anymore

So... Only Subdecay and Jensen left!

New price for the stupid box: £85, + 5 shipping. You won't find it cheaper anywhere, it's basically brand new.
Subdeay new price: £85 shipped to your door in the UK! For a brand new one. You know you want it.
MI Audio Blues Pro: Mint as well, third owner I think, but the pedal is perfect. £60 to your door in the UK
ALSO for sale: Laney VC15 combo

For collection in Edinburgh, a Laney VC15 upgraded with Eminence Legend 105 speaker, comes with the older speaker and 2 spare sets of EL84s. Preamp valves have been upgraded too, selected each individually for the best dynamics and tone er well you get what I mean. 170 picked up in Edinburgh for that one. Amp is in a 9.5/10 condition

You can see both items on there.
Interested in the Blues Pro (and maybe the Laney...), but all i have is the Flextone in my sig to trade.. And I live a horrendous distance away with no car...
All the same, I thought I'd ask any chance of a deal going down?
Sorry man... I'm not even sure about the Blues Pro as I'm now selling the TIM...
Long awaited pics! Crap sorry for the bumps, I keep forgetting we can't edit.