So, I'm new to adjusting a guitar in drop tuning. I know adjustments need to be made, but I don't specifically know what. The guitar is an LTD Alexi-200 with a floating bridge(floyd rose style) and a blot on 25.5" scale length. The tuning low to high is A-E-A-D-F#-B. I really need help with this, as I'm new to it.
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Your string will probably be too slack in drop A on a six string to produce a good sound, to pull it off properly you'd have to have a 7 string
I use 12-58s to tune to drop A.

Anything under 11's probably wont even work. They would just fart from no tension.

If you have a floating bridge get ready for some ****ing fun if youve never adjusted it before. Youll need to reset your bridge angle. Change one string at a time and give the string you changed some tension to hold the bridge. Tune up, starting from the bottom string. Check the angle, if its flying upward, crank your spring claw in after detuning a bit to compensate for the tension. if its shooting into the body and the base plate isnt level with the top of the guitar, loosen the string claw or just remove a spring depending on how many you have. Ill doubt youll need a truss adjustment considering Drop A is pretty loose on any scale.

Basically its a 7string, minus an extra E but the g string is tuned a fourth instead of straight.

Or a dropped baritone guitar tuning

You also might need to raise the action a bit if you were playing like 9's before. Also tuning to Drop C with 12's is fun. You get basically the tension of a guitar tuned to standard.
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drop a on a floating bridge?

thats gonna be to pull off me thinks
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buy a 7string string set and put it on your guitar ( B E A D G B ) and then tune it to Drop A.... Maybe you have to adjust the spring tension in your floydrose but once that's done you're going to have a beast!

EDIT: I would personally use a .010 7string set

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Also tuning to Drop C with 12's is fun. You get basically the tension of a guitar tuned to standard.

Thats what I'm planning on doing with my ibanez but I have no idea where to start

Its an Rg370dlx with the edge III double locking trem

Will I have to adjust the neck aswell as everything else?

I did the same with my other guitar with a fixed bridge and I got badass fret buzz
Depends. It has basically the same amount of tension as standard tuning stringing with 10-46

Youll have to do some string claw adjustments usually.
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