I am planning on majoring in Music Performance in college. I really want to be a musician as my career, not just some side project that i do for fun. So i want to know what cities are known for having a big music business. I know theres L.A. and New York and i think Atlanta?, but i want to know some other cities, too. I'd rather have a warm climate too, cuz i live in central Ohio, and it sucks here.

EDIT: A lot of people seem to think I'm talking about working FOR a record company or something. Thats not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about performing as a musician with my band
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dont go anywhere like LA or Nashville or New York...you wont survive becuase its so saturated....every musician wants to go there so there will be no way for you to separate yourself. I would suggest a little smaller music town for you to start in so you can build your reputation up.
New Orleans...i was just there and heard every type of music imaginable in all different forms...tough part is that many of those musicians have been there for years, but the place is very supportive of music.
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your not just going to bust out on the scene. Those days for musicians are over. Get locally famous first, if you are good, word will get around about you and maybe a record guy (probably a dispatch from Cleveland) will check you guys out.

Thats what happened to a bunch of bands from here in Pittsburgh. But they all just wanted to become locally famous and that was it, they all had other careers that they wanted to pursue. They all still regularly tour and are making **** loads of money but they just didnt want national fame.

Oooooooor, if you are REALLY good and I mean really really good, you can approach a record company with the desire to be a session guitarist. You will get paid straight from the record company so you will make just as much if not more than the band. The only con is session guitarists are rarely ever acknowledged for their work.
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what do u want to do? session work or start a band. if u want to start a band find yourself a college town. there are tons of places to play, but it's very cut throat! if you want to do sessions, i think you know where all the centers are. then you also need to have your chops and sight reading together. like roach said, start small and work your way up. good luck
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It's not the city that makes a band big. It's the band. Jesus ****ing christ im tired of saying that.
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I also live in Central Ohio, but I spent a year in Nashville, and the music industry there is huge. I know most people think its just country music, but there is a fairly large rock and metal scene too. I personaly did not enjoy living there, it was just a bit too different and I could not adjust to southern culture, but it is a really fun place to visit, and if you are serious about persuing a music carreer, their is no better place in North America. Just remember, when you are in a merket like Nashville, where over have of the people you meet are musicians, you really have to be something special to stand out and get gigs. Not just a great musician, but a great entertainer. You will find some of the best musicians in the country standing on the street corners in Nashville with their guitar cases open, playing a beat up old guitar with only 5 strings that come out of tune as he plays. These guys can't get gigs, because they either aren't playing the kind of music that attracts the kind of people the place wants, or sometimes just because they are boring. All I'm saying is to make sure you know what you're doing before you make that kind of a move, because believe me, most of what is praised here in Columbus is far from what is acceptable in Nashville, or I'm sure just about any other big music city.
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Austin, Texas


dallas also has a great music program at their community college.

see yah there
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Austin, Texas

+3 thats where i want to move!
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Unfortunately, fail. Music is your career, your life, not just some day job.

thats what i meant, actually lol. i meant that i want music to be my career and not some side porject thats just for fun.
I changed tmy wording in the first post
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If you can't afford to travel too far, the biggest cities near you would be Cleveland (which does in fact Rock), Cinnitucky, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh. Although those definitely aren't the best places for an aspiring musician.
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It's not the city that makes a band big. It's the band. Jesus ****ing christ im tired of saying that.

yea, but the city can destroy the band