I installed an EMG 81 in my guitar a while ago, and for some reason, the volume knob only works when the lead is only 3/4 plugged in?????

I have double checked the wiring and it seems to be ok, but i am curious, why does the jack that i got with the pickup have 3 terminals, when most standard jacks only have 2?

I cant figure out y the damn thing wont work, i no the knob itself works, cos it works fine if i have the lead half in. I have also looked at the jack, and it looks all good, all the parts are touching that should be etc.

Any help would be great, thanks
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Are you using the right pot for EMG pickup? They won't work properly on normal pots.

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Did you replace the input jack? EMG's use a stereo one for turning the preamp on and off.
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