Okay so I'm a self trained Bassist who does a bit of Guitar on the side and I have a small query about each.

So first about Guitar... I'm learning "While my guitar gently weeps" by The Beatles and there are some chords:

... And no matter how I play them they sound exactly the same! Any help? Yeah I know they're both A's but they should sound at least a little different right?...

My second question is regarding slap bass...

I've been dabbling in slap bass for a while reading various different guides and how-to's and they seem to vary on technique regarding whether the string should bounce off the frets when you slap... I ask because I'm learning Primus' slap bass version of Master of Puppets and it can sound a bit awkward with too much contact with the frets when slapping.

So can anyone help?

Thanks in advance
Think of these two chords as being the same. What's changing is the BASS part.

When you play the second chord (think of it as Am/g), try not to let the fifth string to sound at all. Being a low root note of an Am chord, it tends to "take over" the chord. Your brain kinda filters out anything else, especially a major send which tends to be a little less dominant than other intervals in a chord.

Play the second chord like this...


...so your pinky both frets the sixth string and mutes the fifth. Listen LOW.
For MGGW, emphasize the bass note of each chord. Play the bass note twice and then strum the chord to make it sound like the recording.

And I dont play bass much so I cant help you with your second question.
Stop whining and learn your theory!

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They may sound the same to you, but a more trained ear is likely to tell the difference.

Be sure to mute the A string on the second chord.

Assuming you're using your pinkie the fret the 3rd on the E, make sure its fretted hard, as your pinky may be not as strong as you think.

Sorry, i cannot help with the second question

Kudos to Brettski who beat me to it :P
The string should definitely bounce off the frets when you slap. That's the sound - the string being pushed into the last fret. Don't hit the string too hard though and use the knuckle of your thumb.
     Am    Am7 

Try playing it like that, the extra G in Am7 should give it more of a difference.
Thanks for the help mateys, I can hear the difference in the chords now (very very subtle...) and tried striking the G twice which worked well.

As for the slap bass thanks for clearing that up smb.