So about 7 months ago, one of my good friends tried to ask my girlfriend out, and she rejected him, but he asked her to the prom (tickets were on sale then) and she wanted to go, so she decided to go with him.

A week later I asked her out, but she is still going to prom with the other guy, who just got a perfect score in his finals (he can now go on to be a doctor, brain surgeon (no, really)...whatever he wants). I know he is still in love with her too....****.

What can I do UG ? Things are complicated by the fact that :

1) We are currently fighting about an unrelated matter
2) I am on holiday in America, so I can't see her for two weeks.

I am a sad panda. I can't say anything to her either, or else I'll be, like, being a prick or whatever, because she is looking forward to it...
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I'd suggest looking for the Only Relationship thread, copy pasta this one, and ask there...

this'll only get reported, so I'll get it over with.


****...its not really a relationship problem though.

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