Hi guys
I was just wondering which colour i should get my Epiphone les paul standard plaintop in, Cherryburst or Honeyburst? i wud like some opinions cos i cant choose!
Its so classic. it rulless.
Anyway gabes, SUP!

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You can usually find good deals on the ebony Les Paul standard B-stock on musiciansfriend.com every once in awhile. Before Christmas two years ago I got mine for $200. The only flaw is a tiny run in the clear coat underneath the bridge which is no where near noticeable.
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I personally would pick ebony, as I dont think the bursts look right without either flamed or quilted maple. But thats just me I guess :P

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Just an idea here... Translucent Blue. Just think about it.
Given the choices I saw on MF...

Vintage Sunburst > Honey Sunburst (just a little) > Ebony > Heritage Sunburst.

That could just be me though. I've always liked darker bursts.