Okay, as obviously nobody is willing or able to help me with my illegal Cubase, I decided to record some stuff with audacity until my holydays are over and I can ask my music teacher.

Now again, two problems came up:

1. the recording has a terrible delay even without any effects or plugins running. I played around with the quality settings a bit, but it doesn't seem to help.

2. I wanted to use the VST-plugin (this) , but as soon as I install it, Audacity doesn't open anymore. I tried reinstalling anything, it didn't help.

My setup:

-Fujitsu Siemens Laptop with 2GB RAM and an Intel DuoCore processor
-Rockfrog Interface (this)
-ASIO4ALL driver

So, I'd be really glad if someone could please help me out here!

P.S.: This time, everything I use is legal and orderly, so you don't have to worry about your conscience..

EDIT: not relevant anymore as I solved the Cubase problem.. Thanks everyone for their help!

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I don't know much about the whole VST plugin stuff Im a newb to that but I can tell you that Audacity always has latency well a lot of people have said they experience latency (the delay you're getting) through audacity, if Audacity isn't working too well, you can try Reaper, it is a very good program (better than audacity) but a little more complicated, I know it has that VST stuff but I'm not an expert with Reaper, try asking around but Google Reaper recording or Reaper software and try it out and see if you like it! When i used Audacity I experienced a small latency but when I used Reaper i didn't have any at all. Good luck!
i am axel rose
Thanks for your help, man!

I solved the problem setting the signal mute while recording, but that isn't really a perfect solution as I can't hear what I'm recording (except for the clean sound of my guitar of course..). I guess I'll have to live with that. I don't want to try another program, I've spent enough time with setting up programs etc.

But about the VST Enabler: Does anyone else use it or has tried to use it? Because I really wonder if it just doesn't work on my computer..
I've never used the VST thing with audacity since the program doesn't really fully support VSTs...

Anyways you can try adjusting buffers in Audacity to keep latency down. You should be able to check the [play previously recorded tracks while recording] and hear everything play along with yourself without many problems.

At this time I think it's your cheap interface, those small "cable interfaces" never work out great. You may want to look into an m-Audio Fast Track USB

I'm on the side that thinks everyone should pay for their software however I still like to help out no matter what the situation is TBH.
Most boards would not even go near a post if you said you downloaded your software. Studio Central is #1 on that list, this board probably comes in at a close 2nd place.
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What do you mean, it doesn't fully support VST? I wouldn't be able to run VST-effects in Audacity even if it did work?

With the latency I don't think it's the interface as it works without latency with Guitar Rig 2 and Cubase SX3. I'll probably just have to live with it that I don't hear what I'm recording. I tried it out a bit last night and it doesn't work too bad actually.

Thanks a lot for your help even though you don't agree with me downloading software.

Just to clarify, I may not see it as strict as most of the guys on this board, but still I usually buy the software I use. With the Cubase it was mostly because I only intended to use it for a school project originally. Also, I wanted to see if I get along with it and if it's really the program I need for when I start recording my own projects. I don't just buy Cubase 4 for 800$ and it doesn't run on my computer or I don't get along with it.

Still, I don't understand why people on here think, they can say what others have to do and I find it a bit childish. That's why I wrote that I had downloaded it instead of just saying I bought it (which I'm sure many do when they realise that they don't get any help otherwise). But yeah, of course I respect their decision as they obviously don't have to help me if they don't want to.

Important Edit: Please don't start another copyright discussion in this thread, just write me a PM, I will respond if you don't just insult me pointlessly!