K - i been messing with the guitar for 2yrs; still not very good but getting better. Bought the digitech jamman so i can start recording rhythms so i can try to solo over them.

Now all my pedals, are directly between my guitar and my amp. My amp has a built in chorus/delay/reverb effects.

I have never messed with my fx send/return on the back of my amp. Is this a good place for my looper to go.

Once i did place my ds-1 pedal in the fx send/return loop, but it created a delay, i got my clean guitar, then an after effect of distortion. Just wondering if i want the jamman in the fx send/return loop.

Im thinking yes, since i'll want to have recorded the tracks with chorus/delay/reverb; the jamman has usb transfer ; so i can port my recordings to my computer.

Let me know your thoughts - dont flame me to hard. I really am just starting to get a better appreciation of amps, effects, recording....