Does anyone know what gear this dude uses? I can't really find anything about it. I watched some youtube videos to get an idea, but they don't really show anything. He plays a Jazz, that's all I know.
Mind sharing those youtube vids with us?
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I just saw one picture of him and he seemed to be using a couple of GK heads with some unidentifiable cabs. Then again it looked a bit like a bar and could very well have just been a backline. Usually backlines are Ampeg or some other equally quintessential BASS sound amp like that. *finger in back of throat*.
i know he uses Sunn Beta heads, not sure of the cabs, when i saw the melvins he had a moderate size pedal board, i definetly saw a pog and a boss distortion of some sort in addition to some other things that i cant remember
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man this thread is two years old. why post on it? let it die.
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