FS: FENDER Jimi Hendrix 1997 Tribute Stratocaster VOODOO Excellent Condition

I've been using UG for years for tabs, but never really checked out the forum area. A friend mentioned that I might have success selling my strat here so here it is.

Before anything else, I will only accept CASH, I will not ship this item. You must pickup locally and MUST be purchased in person. In addition, I would prefer that the buyer see and inspect this guitar in person just as I would want to if I were purchasing this high end strat.

That said, this is the rare and limited edition Fender Jimi Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster.
This guitar is completely original. The Olympic White finish has turned to the coveted "cream" color. NO scratches, never been dropped, spent most of it's time on a stand or in the case.

Need to pay off loans and start looking for a place to move out of my parents house. Frets are in 10/10 condition. Neck joint fits like a glove. Plays like a dream.

It's very sad for me to part with this collectors item. Please.. serious inquiries only. I will only accept CASH, I will not ship this item. You must pickup locally. This guitar MUST be purchased in person.

Comes with original black hardshell Fender case and professionally setup with 10's. (other fender pickups in bottom left corner not included)
I guess I should mention that I am in the Northern Virginia Area, specifically Fairfax, Va.