I've been reading up on left hand position and have spent several hours just trying to figure out the right technique. Like: Wrist straight, thumb in the center of the neck, fingers arched, etc. However, I'm starting to think that all of these pointers pertain specifically to picking, and not to playing chords.

What is the correct left hand position for playing chords? It is nearly impossible for me to keep my thumb from popping up over the neck while still maintaining a straight wrist.

Because I've pretty cautious about injuring my wrist, I want to get the technique down perfectly.

Thank you so much!
There really isn't one absolute way to position your hand when playing. You just got to mess around until you find something that sounds good and feel comfortable.

Also, the way you position your hand will differ as you change your style. In other words, your hand will be in one position while soloing, and in another position while playing barre chords.
whatever feels natural
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