This is the cover art for our new album!!!

As you can see we are The Uninspired, a ska/punk band from the Philadelphia area.
We released our debut full length My Drinking Has A Band Problem last Sunday. You can go to www.myspace.com/theuninspired to hear 3 tracks off of it. While your there drop us a comment and tell us what you think of what you just heard. We're releasing the album on iTunes and Smartpunk.com in a bit, but if you can't wait to have a physical copy of it hit us up at theuninspiredbooking@yahoo.com!

ps. The physical copy is saweet looking.
****in awesome!
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Really great instrumentals, and the vocals are far better than most of the **** that comes through this forum. However, work on your vocal harmonies a lot, learn a little bit more singing technique, but you guys have good voices for what you're doing, god speed, if I lived in the area, I'd totally play alto sax for you guys, you've got a great thing going.
Everything is still awesome but that clean guitar stills sounds thin and sloppy to me.
hey! anyone else mind checking out the band and telling us what you think?
well the first song i like everything but the chorus
same with the second song
third song doesnt have much horns, well there they are, nevermind, they do their part
well its not really your not super generic ska straight horns and guitar through the whole song, more of a pop-punk ska mix, but a good pop-punk not a silly pop-punk.

my band?