here's an acoustic number - basically its a commentary on life! Listen along to melody (click the profile to go to music page) - but forgive the vocals cause i aint a singer!!

MAY 24th

the trains are all on strike today
the kids are late for school
the traffic on the roads is out of hand
another day has just begun on the 'lonely hearts' estate
its may 24th and things are grand!

well people get together, complain about the weather
and talk of all the things they plan to do
they share their hopes and fears
and talk of better days then
take their place in the unemployment queue

there's rumours of another war
its on the latest news
a case of more unrest among the packs
the moabites by all accounts
have moved a boundary stone
the philistines demand they put it back

wouldn't it be nice if we all could live together
without the urge to shed each other's blood
to show respect for other's rights
and sow the seeds of peace
across the wastelands of our neighbourhoods

well Alex B. has struck it rich
his numbers all came up
when he played the nation's biggest lottery
he left his job and sold his house
he quickly found a wife
they're cruising in the south pacific sea

suzi's dad has lost his job
his pride was sacrificed
down by the profit idol's shrine
the stress was all to much for him
he later took his life
they say he had just turned forty nine

give us this day our daily bread
on a sunday of you please
the preacher stands to slice it with a knife
'we live each day by faith you see,
so don't rely on sight,
understanding's not the recipe for life'

God is in high heaven
the Lord sits on the throne
its may 24th Your will be done
its may 24th Your kingdom come