When Jesus performed His first miracle he turned 2-3 firkins of water into wine - thats about 450 bottles to you and me - and it was the very best quality too - thats excessive!!

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i'm not the one to spoil a party
to break up all the fun
but mama says you've got a problem
so it seems my time has come
to open up the kingdom
to bring the truth home with a sign
better do what mama tells me
and turn this water into wine

well people choose to critise me
soon they'll start to call me names
they'll label me a 'wine bibber'
next i'll be the 'sinner's friend'
but i'm here to please the father
i didn't come to tow the line
and i'm ready to get started
by turning water into wine

now some find fault with my lifestyle
and my choice of company
but you need to get hands dirty
to save a lost humanity
soon i'll gather lifeless branches
and graft them to the living vine
but for now let's join the party
and turn this water into wine