Wow, interesting stuff here. This is a one-man black metal band that defines his music as "psychotic black metal." He further defines his sound as:

"Sanguinarius, originally from Bloemfontein, South Africa, is the 'Psychotic Black Metal' project of Anton van Niekerk. The project is mainly associated with the Black Metal genre. It is, however trying to create a feeling of insanity in the music thus calling it "Psychotic Black Metal", combining the dark melodic riffs of Black Metal with an eerie, mind altering sound."

And I gotta admit, the guy pulls it off.


You can also download "The Cleansing" at the link below.


I really hate to put a band down, but this is incredibly gimmicky, sonically boring, and this dude has nothing on, say, The Axis of Perdition when it comes to 'eerie, psychotic' sounds. He should focus less on looking silly and more on the music.
This lad obviously was an attention seeker as a child. 'Look how insane I am, lulz'

Music is meh too, to be quite honest.
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How does this sound psychotic at all? It sound's like weak typical black metal to me. He should go get a job and stop pretending.
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I wouldve tolerated the music had he not blown it out of proportion with arrogance and really tacky photos
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Black/Folk Metal
If I want a touch of insanity in my music I'll go listen to Pig Destroyer.
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I didn't bother listening to the clips, but the whole "gr1mness by reason of psychotic torment" thing has been done 100 times before. See: Silencer, Axis of Perdition, Bethlehem, Shining, etc.