Should my left hand touch the neck, i mean, not the palm, maybe the base of the index finger? or should nothing touch the neck, just the finger tips and the thumb.

if so, are there any expections?
also when i am doing exercises, when i get to the lower strings i have to bend my wrist a lot, is it ok if my hand touches the neck? also my pinky, when fretting, always touches the string(s) behind it is it ok?

i also have another question. Ok you are supposed to play relaxed right? but when i want to do vibrato or bend i have to make some effort, if not when doing vibrato for example the notes stop sounding, or with bending, i cant get do it very well. Is this ok?

thanks in advance.
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The base of all my fingers touch the neck when I play, but very very very lightly. I try to keep that same positioning when playing on all six strings meaning my fingers are REALLY curled up when I'm playing on the first (thinnest) string and more stretched out when playing on the sixth.

As far as playing relaxed goes, you have to tense up a little to bend or perform wide or fast vibrato, but don't tense up your shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand. Find what absolutely NEEDS to be flexed and use only that. Think of a weightlifter. If he's bench pressing, he's probably not gonna tense up his legs much.
An experienced guitarist (for the most part) will not have any one hand position while playing. Depending if you are playing on the low strings or the high strings, different parts of your hand should be touching the neck. This comes naturally for most people after a while because the most comfortable position is also usually the correct position.
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Typically, you want your left hand fingers to operate like pistons, NOT like flapping chicken wings. It's much better for your hands. I know from personal experience after having a BB sized nodule on my middle extensor tendon for a couple of years. After switching to a healthier left have position, where my fingers do the work and the wrist stays straight, the nodule COMPLETELY went away.