I'm taking the pickguard off my flying V to have a look at the wood grain quickly, check a few electronic things, and work out why its not grounded properly.

How do i remove these things?

I've never taken the guard off of a V, but I'm pretty sure the guard just comes off over those.

But I may be wrong.
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i've never worked with a flying v before but my guess is the bridge posts come off with the pickguard. have you tried lifting it off ?
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Try using magnets? Sorry.

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A bit too late!

The real easy way to remove those (if they are like mine and have a hole in the bottom) is to find a long bolt that has the same thread, and screw it in using a ratchet or spanner, they come out slowly with each turn when the bolt reaches the bottom of the drill hole.

I really want that to be a cool solution that i came up with but i reckon someone else would have figured it out too.

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Yeah, thats a pretty common way of doing it.

You can also put a piece of dowel under the existing screw that goes in the hole and just screw it back in until the anchor pops out.
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