Hey guys, this is the third recording by my band, Palm Mutilation. It is called Beetles in my Brain and any feedback on the playing, production and song in general is greatly appreciated. Also, C4C.


Enjoy and cheers in advance. Also, any feedback on existing material would be awesome
hei the riffing was good, traditional but good, reminded me of motor head in a way, imo. well, i did not find the the text that good together with riffing.... it maybe just the way it was sung, or it could be singing beatles in my brain does not sound good musicaly(spelling?) honestly it could just be my sence and preferances of music vocal were pretty cool, had that old metal feelin. guitar playing was good. solo was a little weird, but i liked it all in all great ideas.

check mine out if u have the time. it is not has serios yours
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for the name of the song I thought it was going to sound more "Death Metal", and I found a punk song! sorry m8 but it sounds totally punk

the songs might be a bit repetitive in the first 3 minutes, but to be honest i never got bored.

kickass solo at 04:00, much better than the last one around 06:00 which is still ok tho

I think the song is a bit too long, I would try to make it shorter, maybe 4 minutes, punk songs dont use to be very long!

Wow that was really good, nice and heavy, cool riffs and that lick at the end of the first solo was awesome. Like someone else said it's a little repetitive but not boring. Other than that there was nothing wrong with it. Keep it up.
I dig it!

Reminds me of Megadeth - Peace Sells!

Suicidal meets Sabbath at 1:39.

I like the loose humorous mood. I would definitely mosh to this.

Keep rocking it, bro!

edit: after hearing the lead, I'm convinced you are an Iommi fan. The harmonized guitar was cool too.

One gripe I have with the song - too long. Epic songs are cool, but I think your chorus lost its effect after the 3rd or 4th time.
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Good song man I like it. It reminds me of some 80's metal song. My only gripe is like sabbathu said, its a little song when the chorus is played too many times. But its still a really good song. Keep it up.
I like the concept! Feels unrehearsed/unfinished for the most part.
The solo @ 4:00 feels like it's jumping around different tempos, good stuff but just needs polish. Also the chorus/verse and verse/chorus tempo changes are hit and miss. Some sound absolutely perfect which may be why I notice the ones that don't quite hit the mark. Keep practicing and keep up the good work!

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Hey man, sounds pretty cool. Got a very old school feel to it. Vocals sound Mustainey to me - but need some work I think. The harmonized guitars sound cool - the song gets a little repetitive though after a while and the change in the song is very welcome. The solo is cool man . It's a very refreshing song - some good metal, i mean - but it needs some work; some parts maybe cut out?

Cool song tho mate - It's a good listen. Care to crit mine?

Oh, and I just started listening to I've got a degree in pain. Better song - so far it kicks ass.