i use a 5150 combo, bbe sonic stomp box, electroharmonix boost, delay, graphic eq, and compressor (not in that order).
i've had it for almost six months and havn't been pleased with my tone yet. i'm looking for a tone similar to bullet for my valentine, but understand that they have crazy mods to their amps.
a friend told me that to achieve this sound i could get the mod or change how i run my pedals (this would help me get close). he told me to run all the pedals in front of the amp and the bbe sonic stomp through the effects loop.
any suggestions or thoughts?????
tell me if i'm thinking right....i use a shure wireless system.
1. bbe sonic in effects loop
2. run cable from amp through chain of pedals with wireless recieve at the end of the chain.
is this close to right???
Well bullet do use the 6505+ I believe. Well maybe tinker around with all your pedals through the ex loop stuff.
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what guitar/pickups are you using ?
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
sorry...i had to step away for a while...and i couldn't find this thread so i thought it had been deleted so i actually just posted this again in a new thread under gear.
i use a schecter c-1 classic with seymore duncans. i know this hurts me a little, but it just doesn't seem to me that the pickups would put me as far away as i actually am from the tone i want to achieve.