whats a cool easy solo for someone who learns quick but currently sucks compared to other people
btw i can do the first bit of the sweet child of mine solo, the bit which goes DO DEE DOO DO DA, DOODEEDO DEE DO

Some Weezer stuff?

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Dont bump your threads 4 times in one hour and also someone who is a thread police nazi is going to tell you to use the search bar because there are tons of threads like this and i believe there may even be an extensive stickied one in the tab talk subforum. Also her heart by tom petty is considered cool by some and it is easy. If you dont specify what style your looking for be prepared for recommendations that arent what you like.

Now that said i would recomend:

Metallica - Sanitarium ( If your a beginer just do the first solo its not hard and if you get that try the second. Id hold off on the third one though thats sick)

Nirvana has lots of easy solos and the songs are all pritty easy too. Just about any nirvana song if you like them is easy.

Allman Brothers - Blue sky This is long Im currently learning it. Its not hard its only hard to remember all the parts and time consuming. Its good to learn major penatonic shapes on. It has lots of bends hammerons. definatly good to learn phrasing in the major pentatonic scale.
Jesus Christ, stop bumping the thread for no reason. The Edit button is your friend.

And you'll need to give us a better idea of your skill level and what music you like.
Weezer and Nirvana songs are pretty easy. here a list of some of the first one's(solos) i learned
Come As You Are, Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
Island in the Sun-Weezer
So Much I, Scar Tissues first solo, Easily,Otherside(If you have any distortion crank it up then, it sounds pretty cool), Can't Stop,And if your interested in their older stuff it's pretty easy(but hard to find tabs too)-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fire-Jimi Hendrix
Hope that helps
Try Goodnight Kiss by Dream Theater. In my opinion, it's one of Petrucci's easiest and best sounding solos. Try the first guitar solo, then the interlude, and then the second guitar solo. Personally I love this solo.
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my first guitar solo was you shook me all night long by ac/dc. I think its a pretty cool solo plus its real easy. Or the Knocking on heavens door by guns n roses, its an awesome solo!
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