Sorry to sound like a crummy tabloid.
I just saw it on the news. Over 100 people could be dead from an aircrash in madrid.

'At least 100 people have been killed after a passenger plane swerved off the runway at Madrid's Barajas airport, Spanish officials say.

Many others were hurt when the Spanair plane bound for the Canary Islands left the runway with 172 people on board.

There were reports of a fire in the left engine during take-off. TV footage showed smoke billowing from the craft.

Helicopters were called in to dump water on to the plane, and dozens of ambulances went to the scene.'

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Sucks Last time I checked it said 45 dead

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Yeah, I saw it a while ago on the news, the only thing they seemed to care about was that "they don't know if there were any Portuguese on board".

God forbid if they give a damn about the 100 other people who died in the crash.