a good classic rock tone is what i want...good clarity and crunch...

im planning on getting a TS9 or maxon OD9 soon i believe..will that help?

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lol @ what you're wanting from the 5150 but in all seriousness, it can be somewhat achieved.

first of all, use your crunch channel (usually referred to as the 5150's clean?). also, if you're 'clean' channel doesn't sound usable, chances are it's not biased hot enough which is common in these amps which leads to the misinterpretation that they have sucky cleans.

as i've never used a 5150 nor 6550, i can't recommend EQ settings other than half bass or less (if amp is low-end heavy, less than half for sure), high mids and less high treble. i don't know what the gain would need to be on cuz like i said, never used this amp unfotunately . the OD pedal can be used to fatten things up.

i know it IS possible to get good classic rock tones if you know what you're doing, but they're not gonna be quite the same as the voicing is the opposite of what you would need. but that doesn't mean you can't get a convincing tone.

anyone who tells you otherwise has either never used this amp, or not taken the time to mess around with the settings.

if you do quite a bit of classic british voiced rock, however, buy a 5 watt tube amp like the epi valve jr. or blackheart little giant and those will take a lot less tweaking!!
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