I have a Dean Cowboys From Hell Baby, A Metal Zone and and boss pw-10 wah I have been playing for 1 year and almost a half and I think i am pretty good in tecnique for that time I can shred and all that stuff just need more practice on sweep picking and that`s it But well I dont know if i need to buy a good amp before I change my guitar for a jackson warrior x series or a dean razorback v255

The amp I have is a Crate bx-40 for bass (is there something wrong using a bass amp)
nothing wrong with using a bass amp, but it will probably sound alot better with a regular amp for what you play
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Using a bass amp for guitar is fine, but don't use a guitar amp for bass
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o yes i know that it would blow the guitar amp!
So well good to hear it is not that bad but well what do u thing of crate amps? and it will be fine using a 1800 $ Dean Razorback v 255 or a jackson warrior x series on that amp or what is a good metal amp recomendation
When my amp stopped working shortly I played on my 15w bass amp, I was amazed how much better it sounded than my normal 15w amp
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and I dont mean what the amp is made of (metal) lol, I meant a good amp for playing metal
A good metal amp? A Randall, or a Peavey Valveking or something like that.
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I doubt anyone can give a definitive answer to this question. I've played both guitar (Ibanez S2170) and bass (Modulus) through both guitar (line 6) and bass (Carvin head/SWR cabs) amps, many times. Also played both through a Fender Deluxe amp.

My impressions are that while the guitar sounds just dandy through the bass amp, the various settings of the 5-position switch all sound pretty much alike. Through the guitar amp, they are 5 totally different sounds. Bass played through the Line 6 would work in a pinch, but the sound just isn't all that good except with some careful tweaking - very limited.

Both guitar and bass sound excellent, and get the full range of sounds the instruments can produce, through the Fender Deluxe. If I were playing somewhere on both guitar and bass, I wouldn't hesitate to bring the Deluxe and leave the other stuff home.