Hi all
Yesterday I was doing nothing when I came up with the idea to make music typing random numbers in guitar pro. I thought the result was... interesting. And I decided to make more experimental/psychedelic tabs like this. I made two "songs", first one sounds quite funny (a friend of mine agrees to this) and the second is more scary.

About the song i'm posting here today:
You might have heard of Penderecki's "Threne" (you can find it on youtube), I personally love this piece of music and since I heard it i've always wanted to try to do something like that.
I like weird and agonizing music and Guitar Pro might in fact be the perfect tool to make such music. Some parts are just random typing, but most of it is pretty well thought.
You guys might HATE those tabs and think I'm mentally sick but I just found it fun to do and very interesting.

So here it is: http://files.filefront.com/Dzaegze+the+scarymid/;11542532;/fileinfo.html

This is a MIDI file, if you want the original GP tab I'd upload it too.

Thanks for your attention