Hey, im not sure if im in the right place but here goes. I have had the Creative Zen touch for about 3 years and all is fine and dandy until i upgrade my PC to vista. The Mp3 player is not recornised and the disk i got doesnt work, it just freezes. Ive went to the website and decided to download this file


its the last one, Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer 5.10.38.

Will this now work with my mp3 player? If not, can anyone tell me what might help?!?


Edit: sorry, link now works.

Also, its very hard to find vista drivers for this particular mp3 player, it has been discontinued and i dont think creative released a patch for Vista for it.
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You need vista compatible drivers, shouldn't be hard to find.

Just use winamp or explorer to manage your device, creative make good hardware but their PC-side software is a bit crap tbh.
I dont think any of the older creative mp3 players are supported by Vista at all, had the same problem with my old Zen Micro, think your only options are to either get a new MP3 player or go back to XP
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Well i just found an article on how to make it work, it invilves updating the firmware on the player. That means i would lose all my music thats on it. Since this is a new computer, all my music is on my mp3 player only so i would lose everything and have no way of getting it back. thanks for the help./suggestions but it looks like im just gona have to live with it as it is.