for example.

if I am bending the G-string, when I release it or let go of the string, I can hear the D & A strings rattle a little bit through my amp.

I felt like throwing my guitar against the wall, I thought I knew how to bend.

how do I fix this?
You just need more practice. Mute out the other strings while bending.

make sure your bending properlyas well, use at least 2 (id suggest 3) fingers to bend, it give you more control rather than using just the index finger.
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instead of just letting go ease the string back down or basically unbend the string with your finger
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I'd suggest you try to palm mute those strings you are not bending(apart from the high B and E). That mutes them(doh) and with some practise(which also helps) you will automaticly mute the other strings.
Try muting your lower strings with the edge of your thumb -- that way you can quickly release the g-string without hearing the others rattle. It takes some practice, but this will improve your technique for any other songs you play, especially with high gain.