I play a lot of rock and alternative, some heavy rock and the occasional metallica riff.
I need to upgrade from my dean vendetta xm(first electric, has served its purpose so far) to something more playable and better sounding. I use a line 6 spider III 15 watt amp and a digitech hot head distortion.

I have a few questions about the afor mentioned guitars

Is either one considerably lighter than the other?

Do the EMGs make the Esp too metal sounding and are they good on a clean or light overdrive channel?

How well does the trem stay in tune on the esp?

Which one has better neck playability?

Is the Esp worth the extra $50-150usd?

Which has more sustain?

Answer whatever you can
Youre better of with the schecter (better pus for you style and no trem) but please also buy a new amp because the spider sucks so hard...
ESP. the trem offers WAY beter tunning stabillity and opens up options not availible with a hardtail. even if u dont use it u can just block it off and it will stay in tune for the life of the strings( no joke. it will stay in-tune that long blocked off!)
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EMGs are pretty straight-laced - if you're up for heavy metal then that's your money maker. But the schecters have SD-designed pups, which should help you with your alt/rock exploits. I agree with EyeHatePunks on the amp situation...but if you are comfortable with that amp for now it's fine. For a beginner, it is a great way to experiment. I wouldn't be so keen on using a trem bar, it adds a lot of unnecessary confusion. I've never played the ESP but I will vouch for the c-1+, which I've tried in a store. It's pretty good for the price and it's a looker for sure. Try ebay for a better value though - whatever you save you can use to get a new amp or you can even see if you can get a better guitar than a c-1+.
If it makes a difference to you the c-1 plus is 24.75 scale and the esp is 25.5.
but my friend has a c-1 plus and it rules so i know what i will get with that guitar

probably the safer purchase