I have finally decided on my guitar, but does it play blues and john mayer and jack johnson type stuff.


lol but yeah it can pull of that stuff good on the rythym pickup. and a combination of the rythym and treble.

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I like switching the pickups to only rhythm, and putting the tone down to 2 or 3. That way, you can still hear the notes well, and it has this nice, warm, and fat tone out of it. Very bluesy.


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For sure, the pups give it a thick warm sound, but not as warm as the ES-175, but that's more of a jazz thing.

It will do blues well. Not fender type blues with the spank, but it has it's own unique charm.

But as always, go find out for yourself!
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I have finally decided on my guitar, but does it play blues and john mayer and jack johnson type stuff.

guitars don't play music, peope play music...you can play whatever the hell you like on it.
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you can pretty much do anything with the epi sg 400. i play everything from weezer to arch enemy on mine.
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i play blues on my g-400
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They can play lots of stuff, i play metal, rock, and blues on mine. Id recommend getting new strings and switching when you buy it for better tone, i use ernie ball .10s (regular, yellow package) on mine and their great for them types of music.
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