so all my mates just left to go to Leeds Fest, and ive been left alone from now until Monday because i couldnt afford to go...
anyone got any ideas that'll stop me boring my bollocks off?
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avoid radio 1 and evening tv
and watch olympics, thats pretty entertaining in my opinion
and for the sake of this being a GUITAR forum well...
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Knit a quilt.
Do what you normally do on any other weekend, perhaps?
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I saw the lineup for that festival....man, there are only two bands or so I'd want to see from that whole list.
lots and lots of guitar. you are a guitar player after all.
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Pokemon DAY!

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I'm in the same situation.

Or I would be if I had friends.


Another long weekend for me.

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I just need about $3.50

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I saw the lineup for that festival....man, there are only two bands or so I'd want to see from that whole list.

Same all my friends are goin all 5 of them......LOL and apart from goin out (where im well hated in my town) i duno wot the **** im gonna do maybe ring up a slag u know and **** her? thats my plan and maybe whiskey ect.....

All my friends are goin uni soon so i guess ill be more bored
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get out, meet new people, get new friends.. dude.. there's so many things you could do..
build something, buy some new cd's.. ik could go oon and on.. :O meet other people you know, go to a local gig.. go to a guitar store en try every single guitar they have..

go to a porsche garage and ask if you can take one out for a test drive