I heard from a music store owner ( that carries fenders) that after the 12th fret on the Geddy Lee Sig it turns into a Pbass neck.

true or false?
I play bass!
Never heard that, I just know that Geddy's bass is a replica of the vintage ones from the 70s.
es falso
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the neck gets wider so its possible that it becomes the same size as a p bass neck after a while
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that makes no sense, there'd be a sudden bulge in the neck surely?
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closer in size to one? yeah.

into one? no.
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geddy's sig neck has more of a P than a J feel
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^Ummm... The Geddy's neck is substantially thinner than a jazz which is substantially thinner than a P. The GL and the P are almost polar opposites neck-wise.

Oh and that P neck thing is ridiculous.

damn.... there is a jazz bass with a P style neck, i thot it was the geddy *googles*
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I'm gonna say true, just to be different.


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I gotta Geddy Lee and a P-Bass highway one. The whole neck on the GL is smaller than the P-Bass, the GL is a very small neck!!!