Ok so I've HAD a guitar for over a year but with the frequency/consistency I've practiced it's equivalent to having played for like a month or 2.

Anyway, I can play a lot of riffs from songs but for some reason I don't seem to have the attention span to memorize an entire song unless it's the same repetitive riff over and over. (ex. Green Day-Good Riddance; Scars on Broadway-They Say; a few Linkin Park Songs)

I always considered posting about it here but I figured I'd just get "practice more, set your mind to it, etc." which isn't really helpful. But I decided to post it now to see if you guys have some suggestions for songs, ways to practice, etc.
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try dividing songs in to pieces, try and memorize every piece (take your time for that), then play them as much as you can from the top of your head, then play 2 pieces in a row, and put more, eventually, you'll have learned the whole song... (at least that's how I try to do it)
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i have exactly the same problem

its well annoying
i can play like 80 songs or so of teh top of my head but only like 20 all the way through :L
try bulls on parade. its short. easy. and theirs only 3 main parts (+ the solo).
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One of the best ways of looking at it is to break a song up into different parts like the verse riff, chorus riff, intro riff etc and learn them like that.

Also you could just go through the song and learn it part by part (which is better if it's a complicated song with many different parts). So learn it, say, 8 bars at a time and join it together once you can play each section.
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You may want to try playing along with Guitar Pro or Tux Guitar.


I find it's easier to learn songs with some accompaniment, even if it's a computer.

+1 I found playing along to whole songs to be a big help. I use "Transcribe!" software to slow down songs or loop portions for practice.

Playing with other people is also a good way to discipline yourself to learn a whole song. Deadlines help, too (e.g. "next month at the party I will play song x for my friends, girlfriend, etc.").
rage against the machine songs r generally riff after riff repeated
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Thanks for the advice guys.

I can play some little RATM parts but what's kept me from learning whole rage songs is that a lot of them use a wah pedal. But I guess I can play without it..
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Honestly, I don't really memorize whole songs either. I'll learn the main riffs and the chords and then just kind of play jams loosely based on songs.
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I try to learn as much as I can but there's some parts I can't get the feel for it especially the solos. I'd have to be in the artists' shoes to get the mojo. It's the personal things that hard to copy.

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