I'm looking for a heavier Distortion pedal than my DS-1

I would be running an Epiphone Les Paul (at the moment) through the satchurator and maybe an MXR 10 band EQ into the classic 30. (I would use the FX Loop but I get excessive noise using it )

Anyone have experience with the Satchurator?
From what I read in Guitar Player, the Satchurator is supposed to be what is essentially his distortion tone in a pedal. I think what they said is that he runs in into his clean JSX, so provided your amp was similarly voiced you'd have a tone similar to his.
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The pedal is fairly new and hard to come by from what I've been told. I pretty much have the same setup as you:

Epiphone LP STD Plustop Vintage Sunburst
Boss Distortion DS-1
Peavey Delta Blues 210

I've been pretty curious about that Satch pedal myself. If you like Satch's tone, I don't see any reason not to buy it. Like SSL said, Satch pretty runs his pedals through a clean amp so any decent tube amp should work great with that pedal. I may end up getting one myself, I'll let you know what I find. Later
but does he ACTUALLY use it? or is it just marketing
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he recorded almost all of Professor Satchifunkilus with it.

Also, my normal rig inlcludes a strat. I wonder how the higher gain settings will sound, or even the lower gain settings...
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but does he ACTUALLY use it? or is it just marketing

Like JM said, he recorded his new album with it. He also had total input on every single propotype before the final product was released.
i have no hands on experience, but it seems like a great pedal. if you try one out let us know how it is
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The thing that annoys me is my local Guitar Center has all the pedals hooked into a monitor with no amp.

yeah mine always has all the pedals hooked up to an mg. i just ask them to let me play it through the amp that i use. they always allow it.
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It was like a orgasm in my ear.
Chea_man is the best.
I have the satchurator and the JSX head. It sounds amazing in the clean channel. It's fairly versatile and it's very "hot." Sounded like crap running through a PA when my amp gave out the other day, though, haha.

Very very warm pedal, but the tone knob is extremely sensitive. Gain at zero has more gain than I use in my ska band. The more button is a dramatic button with the gain down low, but it's a very sweet tool to use when the gain is already up.

it's worth the 120 bucks in my book.