So, apparantly through his contacts , my guitar teacher is going to trvael to Brighton Institute of Music I think he said, and have a 1 to 1 lesson with Guthrie Govan. Seems very cool, and I'm hoping that some of the magic rubs off onto myself haha.

Anyone else here had a lesson from any "known" guitarists?
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No i havent.

dave weiner (steve vai's guitarists) offers 1 on 1 lessons to anyone tho, thats pretty cool.
a guy from (ex) sikth does lessons, never got round to it though
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I know a guy who took lessons from Jonas from Scar Symmetry.. lucky bastard...
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a guy from (ex) sikth does lessons, never got round to it though

yeah pin, hes a ****in good guitarist, really want a lesson with him but 100 miles away
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two of my friends take lessons from glen drover ex-megadeth
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When I was at the AMS one of the tutors there had lessons from Guthrie plus Guthrie also did a masterclass there. Shaun Baxter did a few aswell. He was pretty moody compared to Guthrie but I felt I learned quite a lot from his masterclasses
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