Lately, as we all have probably saw, there has been a lot of threads that are like 'i'm sad cause *insert reason here*' theres just too many of them sometimes, so i reckon, there should be a thread to moan about it, this thread

(this is probably going to sink like a brick )

anyways, i shall leave you all to it.
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I feel great.

Yeah..me too.
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hey, i didn't say that everyone has to be feeling like ****, i feel good too, i'm just making a thread for the people who do feel crap, because sometimes like i said earlier, theres too many of them
None of you have depression. If you think you do, grow the fuck up.
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Yeah..me too.

And me, although I did skip school just to play guitar..

School = Boring.
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1) Depression is a whole different story than just being sad. Most of the people here who say they are depressed aren't really.

2) We should make a Good Vibes thread to counter/work with the one.
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well some people do have it.
Like I did before I broke up with my girlfriend....it lasted 2 whole months xD
now we're broken up and I'm happy
weird huh? XD
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6. You just checked it.
7. Now you're having a lil smile.

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i actually have depression... well manic depression [bipolar]...

and now that i am allowed to write in blood i have never felt better...
you gonna get raped!!!!!!!


If you are truly depressed go to your doctor and he ll prescribe you anti depressants. My god Ive never felt better. When I was on them, I wasnt so bad. Now that Ive come off them, its a constant battle to keep the negative and depressive thoughts at bay. Hated being on them so much.
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