Ibanez rg550 1993 serial # F327208

from the Fujigen factory

This is a shredders dream I have modded the pickguard ,backplates,and truss cover with mother of pearloid plates PLUS!!!GOTOH pearloid tuner buttons!!!!and never the less

I have a brand new duncan hotrail in the middle pos. brand new TONE ZONE in the bridge and brand new PAF PRO in the neck ala Paul Gilbert

This guitar also has A KILLSWITCH MOD WOW!!!!!!

and some pretty knobs.And as we all ask No there are no fractures in the neck YAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Guitar has a edge lo pro the best comes with the bar and gig bag extra 50.00 for case if wanted
600.00 OBO

If I had the extra money for I would buy it
All Points West - August 1st
Krockathon 14 - August 8th