Okay I know its not exactly the BEST interface but I've been told its good for $50. I am about to purchase it and was wondering if I need to know any last minute tips/ideas/things?

Also does it work like this??

guitar-->pedal-->toneport--> Computer

I've been told Gearbox has some really nice distortion but I want to try out my pedal as well. How exactly does everything plug in? Does the wire I would normally use to plug my guitar into the amp, plug into the toneport? then the tonepor to a USB?? thanks again I had an earlier thread but it was more about just an interface. I appreciate it.
i am axel rose
Yes you are right... You go from Guitar to what ever to the Toneport to your computer... Their is a clean channel in Gear box so you can play with a pedal...

I have the Toneport UX2 and it is ok for what I want...
Thanks a lot Mike, also does Gearbox do the recording like Audacity/Reaper, it allows me to record correct>? Sorry for all the questions I just want to know EVERYTHING before I spend my money on something.
i am axel rose
No the version I have does not record. Not sure if there is updated software or not... But it will allow you to import an mp3 and jam along with the song. For recording I use Cubase.
I usually use Audacity anyways, as long as I can record with the Toneport working while using Audacity its fine, that will work right? I didn't have latency problems before when I just plugged my guitar straight to the comp, there was like a very small delay just barely noticeable , will the toneport prevent this problem?
i am axel rose
That really depends on the speed of your computer - Processor - RAM - Harddrive ect. You can clean the drive and defrag it ect that will fix performance on the computer. Also don't have multiple windows like outlook open and stuff that will also cause slow downs. Before you must have been going directly too your sound card. And unless you had an aftermarket Sound card it was probably crappy. Here is a tidbit for you. Make sure you have head phones... I am not sure about the one your looking at, but mine for real time I listen to it right off my TonePort. I have a jack plug in... So yes, it is real time and not using the computer really to generate sound per say... It uses the gearbox software really and that is it to generate sound...

I don't know about Audacity, but I find Cubase I have no problems with Laitency and I am using a laptop.. You should be fine...
okay thanks a lot mike i really appreciate it, looking around I see people have latency problems with audacity, I didn't experience any with Reaper so I may use that but I really appreciate this thanks mucho!
i am axel rose