okay, so this song has a cool slap bass line in the chorus, funky ninths, ect ect. leave me a crit and i will get back to you and crit your stuff.

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remember, the song is This Cold War
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Listening as I type:

Great intro. Hands down fantastic. Has a very "big" feel that really brings me into it. Bass is good. Feels like it could use just a tad bit of distortion to me... could be personal preference... but I think it would give a nice bite to it, so it doesn't get lost behind the voice.

I know the last time I listend to one of yours, I didn't like how the voice worked with it... but its great here. Though this song has nothing really in common with Primus, it sort of reminds me of them in the sense that the guitar seems to be in its own little world, but it still works great. I love how the tempo picks up for the chorus... though, I might EQ the guitar just a little quieter in the chorus, due to the fact it sort of drowns out the bass line, which is the high point of the piece. Bridge/guitar solo thing is great. Vrey dreamy. This song is easy to get lost in... I really enjoy that about it. Just hit the part about 3:17... love that effect. Solo really seals the deal for me here.

The closing Bass riff is orgasmic.

REally enjoyed this mate. You've got a very solid talent, and you use it in a very distinct style. You can go places. I'd certainly buy an album.

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Sounds pretty good, very unique. Really a classic rock feel, kinda ethereal, especially around 3:14.

Only thing for me is I think the voice is a little weird at times. Like it pulls away from the music.

Other than that, it's very good. Your very talented.
i love the bass, honestly. intro is great, it has such a flea (of RHCP) sound. i don't know if thats what you were going for but it just... it had such raw power. Drums are basic but sound pretty full and awesome. Guitar is kind of all over the place, sounds very layered. IMO, i think there are points where i would have quieter vocals, where it drowns out the music a little more, but maybe your singing is your focal point. But i loved the background vocal/harmony/ whatever you want to call it. Bass is the all around awesomeness of the song, outro included. Im curious about your bass setup, what do you use? I'm not a bassist, and i'm curious how i can get closer to your sound.

edit: oh and loved the part around 3:00, and then the reverse solo around 3:15

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I love the layers in this song, with the different guitar parts playing at the same time yet working with each other. Good intro. Nice, funky bass line. I like the intrumental break at 2:58. I think the lyrics and vocals are okay, but maybe the performance could be a bit better? Maybe experiment with some tone to go over the voices. I dunno. Overall, I like how the song get busier as it progresses. Maybe add a bit of distortion to the bass? I like it though.

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As usual it sounds pretty damn good! I really like the feel of this one, nice work. I see you're a John Butler fan. Good on ya!
This is awesome, I love the atmosphere of that and the basslines are cool too.
Pretty good.

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This forum title really pulled me in, haha, how could I resist listening to "funky, sexy music"! LOL.

I like the tone on the lead guitar quite a bit. Nice job adding some harmonies in there too, that is always cool when people do that. You have a great voice too man, keep it up. The mix of the song makes it feel like a live performance, which is cool.

Really good song man.

crit 4 crit:

nice song... the vocals could use a little work but it was a really cool bassline

comment the song on my profile please
i like your singing and the song, but i dont feel like they mesh entirely. they do kinda, but not completely. I think....also...I dont really listen to stuff like this much so idk...hrm.
Not the type of music I would listen to, but it sounds tight. I like the lead guitar through most of the song. Not a big fan of the "funky" bass, but that's just personal preference. Also for some reason I didn't dig the backup vocals (or layering? not sure if its someone else or just a second track), felt like it detracted rather than added to the song.
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I don't normally say this but im loving the bass riff fits perfectly with the song, the vocals as well, they make you think about stuff

In certain parts reminds my very much of the "Doors"

Keep it Rocking man, feel free to lay into the song on my profile ^^

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Great verse, I like the effect choice, gives that very distant feel. I think you should have went a little simpler with the background vocals. Thy kind of distract me a little bit. I really like the Ride cymbal think you were doing in the chorus. I also like the tap roll you were doing during the solo on the hit hat. Really smooth, as usual, you bring it. nice job dude. Thanks for critting me as well.
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Wow, this song made me a definite fan! The imagery you conjured with words and sound was awesome. I love the backwards guitar stuff. The vocals reminded me of an old Sabbath tune (Planet Carivan) only because of the dreamy, lush quality.

Definitely and inspiration to my own songwriting and recording.

I feel priviledged to hear it.

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Yeah, the slap bass is indeed very funky. Not too fond of the guitar leads starting at 00:19, they get better towards the vocal part, though. The vocals are basically pretty good but I'd tweak the reverb a bit. Now it sounds as if you were singing in your bathroom. I'd prefer dry vocals here. The distorted guitar is good behind the chorus vocals. The mastering lacks something but it's hard to say what. I think it needs more "punch" or "pop" to sound hotter, because the now the track sounds a bit flat. All in all, I think you've really come far with your songwriting. I can definitely hear a lot of improvement compared to your earlier stuff. Keep it up!

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i think i'm going to blaim the mastering stuff on the myspace quality... it sounds much better on facebook.
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I liked it man. Bass is funky and singing is alright too. Guitars sound good. All and all nice job!
Yo man,
Writing as I go..i love the feel of the intro..however, im having a hard time following where the distorted guitar is going (because of the tone), but the bass sounds great, love the line. I like the harmonies in the verse and chorus (k the whole thing). I Really like the vocal line and reverb i guess it is? Sounds good. The chorus is really fun...and i really like the reverse/volume swells and cuts, whatever is happening with the solo. Really cool. Nice job man
wah great bass here! liking it. intro is v good.

personally im not 2 fond of the vocals, but it fits the style well. also the backing vocals during the chorus kinda distracts the lead vocals.

cool bass outro. what is ur setup for the bass? i find it hard to get a cool slap sound like that! all in all well done!

c4c? totally different from ur style of music but may as well haha.

thanks for the crit. my setup for bass is a basic ibanez through an swr workingman's 15. i mic it with an SM57.
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