Poll: Which side are you?
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Writing: Right Handed
95 81%
Writing: Left Handed
27 23%
Baseball: Swings Right
89 75%
Baseball: Swings Left
25 21%
Hockey: Shoots Right
80 68%
Hockey: Shoots Left
31 26%
Skateboard, water ski ect. : Regular (left foot in front)
53 45%
Skateboard: Goofy (right foot in front)
50 42%
Golf: Swings Left
26 22%
Golf: Swings Right
78 66%
Voters: 118.
I find that in sports, and in everyday life, people who are "right handed" or "left handed" do different things in unpredictable ways. For example, someone who's right handing at throwing, writing, ect. may swing a bat on the left side or play guitar as a lefty.

In the poll choose which option you are for each category (there's 5).
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I'm afraid I'm horribly completely right handed and right footed for everything
Yeah I'm like that, I write with my left hand and play tennis/bowl/bitchslap my hoes with my right hand.
I'm righty on all counts.
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I'm mixed up and opposite for everything.

I golf and play hockey on different sides, like wtf?
write left do everything else right...why wouldnt you ask if we play righty or lefty guitar, since this is a guitar web site
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Righty for everything.
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That is a very esoteric subject and has alot of truth to it, but this is something that need private reflection and close studying to achieve the secrets it reveals.

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Yeah I'm like that, I write with my left hand and play tennis/bowl/bitchslap my hoes with my right hand.

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I do everything with my left besides write and fap.

If there were enough options I'd have put fapping

edit: and guitar playing
I'm right handed for everything except for skateboard/snowboarding if goofy is considered left
I eat and write lefty, but play all sports righty, exept throwing, I throw left. Also, I'm the only one on my basketball team that can make a lefty jumpshot from inside the 3 pointer.
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i bat right pitch left
strum with rigth hand
finger the frets with my left
and i dont do much esle so i cant really say, and i havent palyed baseball in years so im not sure i can pitch all that well anymore
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I'm right on everything.
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ah, born right handed, but broke my right arm when i was learning to write. so i write left handed now and im a mix of both when it comes to others things such as sports.
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Everything right handed and right footed but i skate goofy.
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I can do golf and hockey both ways, but I'm right handed.
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Strongly lefthanded with some ambidextruosity. I write and play left handed and generally do sports with my left hand, but things like mouse, scissors, the usual stuff, I do however I feel like, kind of varies. My added bonus is in carpentry and other things like that ...I have no problem switching hands in between. I get odd looks often when building houses and stuff like that
right handed with everything, but i skate goofy which is kinda like the left handedness of skateboarding so yeah
I like how swing golf club lefty is first to throw off the rightys who don't pay attention.

also you forgot something that the pit happens to love....
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