Browsing my local music store after I brought in my guitar to be set up, I was checking out the bargain wall just to see what new stuff they had (it's where I picked up my Yamaha SE112)
I found an LP copy for $139, made by a company called "Cameo" .My research has brought me to three things: A) they make acoustic guitars B ) they did apparently seem to make Gibson copies in the 70's, from an Explorer copy review on Harmony central (the guy said he'd been playing 34 years, owned hundreds guitars, and it was above average.
And C) Several other people are trying to find out stuff about it.

Curious if it's a "diamond" in the rough (I don't expect it to be amazing) or if I shouldn't even bother. When I pick my guitar up I'll try plugging it in.
Not sure about them, rings a bell. I think I've seen them for sale in Edinburgh Scotland ast a wee music shop but I could be mistaken. Probably not an absolute gem of a guitar, but worth a shot anyway.

Could also potentially be ghost-built by somebody else, such as stagg or AXL/Johnson etc...
I recently found a guitar acustic and bought it for a song,put new strings,on it and the headstock says cameo ingold looking print.it plays well,not shure exactly of model #because the paper that is usually inside glued in is gone.has trussrod adjustment inside coverlarge black pick guard.i have been looking for more info myself but have not been able to find any.also it has adjustment for string ,thats all i know any help would be appreciated .thanks paul.sr