So today my grandad eventually passed away, he was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of months ago but he put up a strong battle with it. He has been smoking for years but.. not anymore i guess... his funeral is in a couple of weeks i know it was pretty pointless to put it on here but i needed to say it somewhere because y'know... so yeah Goodbye grandad
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That's terrible, sorry for your loss I was in pretty much the same situation with my grandad two years ago, heavy smoker fighting a losing battle with cancer.
My condolences. *hugs*
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Keep your head up, man.

My grandfather died of the same thing.
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Sorry to hear that, mate
my grandpa passeda few months ago to similair problems sorry man
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I never knew either of my grandfathers. My condolences.
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Damn, man sorry to hear
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Condolences. Sorry man.
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Thanks guys, we were very close he was very intrested in my guitar playing and wanted me to make a carrer out of it ... before he died he told me he gave most of his money to me in his will for my guitar career. I cant even cry.. i dont know why
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I wouldn't feel too bad about it. If you were really close then you will see him in the next life. Think of it as him going away for a while.
Sorry to hear that man. My Grandpa past away in Holland in the Second Great War, so I never got a chance to meat him. Sorry for your loss.
im sorry to hear that man. condolences. my Grandad is currently going through the same thing
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Thats terrible. Im so sorry. Well at least you can know you have someone who believes in you and a gift from them that should be with you for your entire life.
Oh, thats sad to hear.
My condolences.
I miss my grandad too. Died 4 years ago, after lying in bed for 2 years.
Just keep your head up!
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My condolences, I never knew my mother's father (maternal side of the family is the closest, parents are divorced), he was a drummer in a band and all. I really wish I could've met him, my mom always says we're so alike and the things he couldve shown me musically, but anyway this thread isn't about me. Just keep your head up and remember he's gone to a much better place whether it be heaven, nirvana (not the 90s grunge band), jewish heaven, or wherever, he's certainly happier than in this insane, crazy world. Death is a sad time, but in the end it should be a celebration.
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Sorry for your loss.

My granda died of the same thing, not an easy way to go.