Hey! What are yalls' opinions bout the Orange Crush 20B? I needed a new small amp for accompanying small acoustic guitar gigs and stuff like that and I ordered this amp knowing that orange amps are incredible.

Has anyone ever played through one? I would like to know if I made a good impulse buy since I got it for only $89 on ebay new
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sounds like a good deal, orange usually make pretty solid amps
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I love the Orange Crush practice amps and that was a very good buy, btw. For their wattage, they are punchy and loud. They also have a great vintage sound.
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I heard it's a nice little amp. And it has the overdrive channel.

what? the bass one doesn't have overdrive does it?

I have played the crush 35b, if you have a 5-string forget using the Orange amps, it won't cut it!

On a 4-string it sounds killer though though not really suited for metal
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