1 piece carved mahogany body, 3 ply binding
ebony/maple/mahogany necks, 24.75" and 27.5", 12" radii
seymour duncan sh-2, jb4/ dimarzio tone zone, paf joe
gotoh hardware
master volume, master tone, three way x2

'59 Bassman Reissue
Custom Strat
Custom McCarty
Custom OM
Big Muff Pi
Dunlop Wah
dude that looks sweet!!!
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+1. This man knows his ****.

Walker Rose.
You sir, have just won 3 internets as well as my attention. Is this a build you did yourself?

check out all they videos on youtube
they dead serious about thuggin like that
if you ask me they are fruity
an i hope one morning they drown in there fruit loops
thanks all. yes, this is my latest custom build. i don't find it is awkward; rather i find traditional lp's difficult to play because of the small body, but different people will feel differently. i've never played an eds-1275 or similar doubleneck, but having the 12 on top would seem cumbersome to me, especially with varied scale lengths.
'59 Bassman Reissue
Custom Strat
Custom McCarty
Custom OM
Big Muff Pi
Dunlop Wah
That is the most awesome guitar I've ever seen. I love ebony les pauls to begin with, you just made it awesome. although I would have at 6/guitar 12/ guitar, but still looks very stylish
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