It's a 1960's Teisco Del Rey, model (E-110) & serial are on the photographs . In very nice condition for its age, still plays and sounds awesome... not even scratchy pots! (notice the bridge have been changed for a tom)

~Will entertain offers~ Trades

What does it sound like?

This was recorded straight to a fender champ practice amp, no effects "other than the built in verb" or post eq-ing directly through the line out.

a bit sloppy but you get the point. It sounds a bit fuller and balanced in person.

A strat/tele style guitar would be ideal, but will consider others as well.
Will also Trade for:

Fender Blender
Fultone soul bender
EHX English Muffn
EHX Comp
Would you consider a swap for a Kramer guitar that has been modified [not by me.]
It is either a Baretta or a Focus 6000.
Can I just pay cash for it?
Call me Wes.
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